Friday, January 30, 2015

Mumphf Lather Repeat... Mumphf

"I had a dream about you. I said green was blue and yellow, and you said green was yellow and blue. You were like that with everything I said, taking the exact opposite stance, 
yet completely agreeing with me. That's how I knew you love me."

~Jarod Kintz
The Titanic Would Never Have Sunk
 If It Were Made Out Of A Sink

I am having a love hate relationship with technology. I have been since my brand new camera went missing last October. I still can't imagine what happened, but maybe some technology mysteries simply aren't meant to be solved. Sigh. Anyway, as I count down the days until I upgrade my current phone, I am busy saving files, and pictures that I want to transfer to the new phone. I have been trying to decided if I want to keep certain songs, and PDF folders that seem very important right now, but probably won't in 6 months, as that is the usual amount of time I hold onto a file. Hmmmm. Mumphf.

It's going to be a weekend of scratching my head about what to do. 

Do I pay my phone off all at once?
Do I take that stupid Next plan of AT&T's?
Do I go with a brand new carrier?

It's down to the wire, and frankly, I would rather not think about it.

But at least when the sun comes up on Monday, and new phone will be on it's way to me. 

Why can't stuff be simple anymore?

"If I didn't care for fun and such
I'd probably amount to much
But I shall stay the way I am
Because I do not give a damn."

~Dorothy Parker
Enough Rope

Mood: Scattered

~Me :)

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