Thursday, January 29, 2015

Morning Concerts

"Your cat will never threaten your popularity by barking at three in the morning. 
He won't attack the mailman or eat the drapes, although he may
 climb the drapes to see how the room looks from the ceiling."

~Helen Powers

What can I say about my Dylan, except I love the little fluffball. Oh, I can tell you that he is a very serious young man. He apparently has his own language, and speaks it often. He likes to sing, well, actually, he LOVES to sing, especially at 5:00 in the morning... every, single morning, for as long as 3 hours per concert! What does he sing about? Mostly the fact that his daddy keeps leaving for work, without Dylan's permission. He sings about how unfair life can be, and how he has the meanest mommy in the whole wide world! He sings about how much he loves his family, including his new brother Joey, although Joey wasn't his idea! He sings about his favorite brush, and how he likes a clean litter box. He loves to sing about the sun coming through the window, and how he can sit and watch a wall for hours on end. He sings about how he wants me to go to bed, when HE wants me to go to bed, and he sings about how nifty Groupon boxes are, for making a scalloped edge box to sleep in. 

Dylan always bites the top of the Groupon box on all sides, creating a scalloped edge, and when he completes it, he pulls one side down and pulls the side out, which looks a little like a foldout bed. Yes, if he were human, he would be a furniture designer.  But that's Dylan. He makes furniture, and just like Bob Dylan, he sings the blues. In fact, he kinda sounds like Bob Dylan. I am pretty sure I heard him once sing, This Wheels On Fire. Sigh. I have told Alan, NO MORE SINGERS! But did that stop me from naming our kitten Joey? Umm... nope. Joey was named after Joey Ramone, it just seemed to fit him. And it does. Our Joey loved Fruit Loops, just like the real Joey, and he is very, very cool, just like the real Joey. I love my boys, and naming them after singers all started with our Elvis, and I wouldn't change it for anything, I was meant to be a mommy to my little singing cats. But why does it have always have to be morning concerts?

Mood: Happy

~Me :)

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