Sunday, February 15, 2015

October Dust Jackets In February

"Two guys, a goat and a ghost: A love story based on true events that may or may not be false.
 Who doesn't love a good goat story?"

~Jarod Kintz
This Book Is Not FOR SALE

I went out the other night to do an errand, and happened upon this scene. It's the wall of a store I frequent, that also happens to be covered in a vine, which is bright colored with autumn leaves, when it is autumn, but when it's winter, takes on a dull, deep brown/green deathly color. The tree to the right is a Liquid Amber, but under the street lamp, it appears to have a rather ghostly look and presence. It's so pale that one would expect to see a ghost sitting in it, if your imagination is anything like mine. But really, I ask you, how many ghosts sit in trees? That's not very likely is it? No, probably not. But when I finished editing this photo, I thought maybe I would see what it would look like if a ghost were to sit on one of the pale branches. I mean, maybe that is a whole untapped area of ghost fiction. Tree sitting ghosts! Just imagine. You move into a dream home, which you purchase off the Internet, of course, and everything is fine, except for the fact that the Liquid Amber tree in the front yard is HAUNTED!

Here is how the dust jacket might look...

Now, if I could just figure out why the ghost is sitting in the tree!

1. Does the ghost have a better view of something?
2. Does the ghost long for October as much as I do?
3. Does the ghost miss the color of autumn leaves, 
when all the trees look so pale?
4. Is the ghost an actual haunting, or is she a residual haunting?
5. Is it really a ghost? Or is it just a bit of wispy fog that got stuck between some branches?
6. Does the tree sitting specter scream or moan?
7. Does the ghost ever venture forth into the house?
8. Does the ghost ever stare, with it's spooky dead eyes, into the windows of the Internet house?
 Am I really the ghost, because of my haunting
 of my favorite trees?

As with most ghost stories, there are more questions than answers. 

 One more, just for fun, for the sequel.

Care to share? If you were to write a ghost story,
 based on these two dust jackets, what would the story be?
 Why is there a ghost in the trees?

 Please feel free to share your thoughts on this.

Mood: Happy But Curious

~Me :)

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