Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

I love you.
 I hate you. 
I like you.
 I hate you.
 I think you're stupid. 
I think you're a loser.
 I think you're wonderful.
 I want to be with you.
 I don't want to be with you. 
I would never date you.
 I hate you. 
    I love you... 
I think the madness started the moment we met and you shook my hand. 
Did you have a disease or something?

~Shannon L. Adler

Oh my God, have I ever felt like this before! I have fallen in love at first sight. I once took 12 years to fully fall in love, and it was totally worth the wait! I feel in love many times with the wrong person, and just once with the right one. I have fallen in love with stars so high in the sky, that I will never be able to touch, only admire from here on earth. Which is terrific, because that light will always be there. You know the light... right? The light of perfection. The light that lives in the part of the sky where the picnic is always perfect, and where there is always a cool breeze moves gently past your face that always smells a bit like lavender, and where his eyes hold your eyes for a million years. You know this is fantasy love, and it has it's place. It's important. And one of the best parts about being alive. It's all part of a dream life, that is just as relevant as the real thing. Just ask any one of my celebrity crushes, because chances are, they have also felt that way about someone, at some point in their life. The crush... is there anything else like it? No, not quite. The crush takes no work, and it lives as long as you want it to. The crush lives forever, up in the tiny lights in the sky. 

My Celebrity Crushes
  (In no particular order)

David Duchovny
Micky Dolenz
Hubert Humphrey
Richard Thomas (John-Boy Walton)
Anson Williams
David Cassidy
Steve Wozniak
Harry Connick Jr.
Dylan McDermott
Keith Olbermann
Mark Harmon
Bruce Willis (David Addison)
David Hedison
Judge Reinhold
Steven King (the author)
Bruce Boxleitner
Paul McCartney
Dr. Robert Reich
Harrison Ford
Pierce Brosnan


Dreamy, and as unreachable as the stars. Thank goodness!


"I want to touch with my mouth. His mouth, with my mouth. Maybe his neck too. But first things first: Make him aware I exist. 
It's possible that he already aware, if only in a
 'don't step on the small girl' kind of way."
~Laini Taylor
Night Of Cake And Puppets

Real love is the best love. But crush love has it's place too. 
If only to remind one how wonderful it is here on earth!

Love every single day, as much as you can!

Happy Valentine's Day!


~Me :)

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