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Late On A February Night... The Mystery Of Tammy Meyers

Grant Ranch Park, Mt Hamilton Road
San Jose, California 

"It is better to risk saving a guilty person
 than to condemn an innocent one."

A couple weeks ago, on February 12th, a tragedy occurred. A wife, mother, friend, neighbor, was shot dead, in her own driveway, after what was first reported as a case of road rage. The country, no the world, was shocked and sickened by the thought of someone losing control so thoroughly as that driver must have been, to pull out a gun, and shoot a stranger, in their own driveway. It was, however, an easy scenario to believe. Road rage is a scary thing, and it goes on all around us, in every American community, in small towns and in large metropolitan areas. Anger is on the rise, and the ability to deal with that anger in an appropriate manner is declining. It seems our coping mechanisms have seemingly dwindled. Too much bad information, a rise in terrorism, joblessness, acts of violence against unarmed children by the very people who should be protecting them... you name it, stress is not hard to come by. So road rage seems to be the result of the snapping of our last nerve. The incredible stress we all live under is the reason, but there is NO excuse for the dangerous behavior of road rage, and this case of road rage it was especially terrifying! An angry driver followed a woman home, and killed her, in the driveway of her own home! But it seems that there was a lot more to the story, and things aren't always what they seem to be.

A Basic Example Of Early Reports
Timeline Of Events

Feb 12th, 2015
*Tammy Meyer's takes her daughter out for a session of driver's training. It was late in the evening, and the daughter had NO learner's permit. The lesson is said to have taken place on private property at a nearby school.

*When they finished, Tammy got into the driver's seat and her daughter moved to the passenger side.
As they pulled out into traffic, a speeding car pulled up very close on their bumper, and then pulled alongside their car. That's when the daughter reached over and honked the horn at the car.

*At that point the driver of the aggressive car managed to close the Meyer's car off and a verbal altercation began when the driver of the other car got out and yelled something to the effect of... "I'll get you and your daughter."

*The Meyers daughter says that the man who got out of the car was 6 feet tall, 180lbs, mid 20's, with spiky blond hair. And that he threatened them saying, "I'm going to get you and your daughter." She says he knew she was Mrs. Meyers daughter, because she kept repeating "Mommy, Mommy."

*Meyers and daughter turned their car around, and drove home directly, where she told her daughter to go into the house, and send out her son, who was in legal possession of a handgun..

*At this point, the other car finds them, at their home, and someone in the car opens fire on Mrs. Meyers and her son, hitting the mother in the head. The son returns fire, as the car flees the scene.

*On February 14th, Tammy Meyers is taken off life support by her husband Robert Meyers.

*February 15th. A GoFundMe account is set up for the Meyers family to help with funeral expenses.

*February 16th. Mr. Meyers offers his fully restored Camero as a reward to anyone who can help find the killers of his wife.

*February 17th. Police release a statement that paints a different story then was initially told.

*February 17th. The GoFundMe account is taken down, due to overwhelming backlash over the changing account of events.

5 days after the initial altercation there is an updated account of the Events...

On February 20th Channel 8 News, 
in Las Vegas, 
 prepared an interactive timeline of events.

And the story has changed again since that timeline was prepared.

February 24th 2014
Examiner Online

I haven't checked today, to see if there is still another change in the story, I can't imagine what more could be changed at this point, but somehow it wouldn't surprise me too much to find out something else has changed. Here is what I do know. Tammy Meyers died a senseless death. A young man is in jail and the district attorney is pushing for the maximum charges, and all that the punishment carries. It's possible this young man could be given the death penalty if convicted of what he is being charged with. Tammy Meyers isn't alive to defend herself, and her family is doing her no favors by being caught in lie after lie. I don't remember a case where the victim's family has been caught in as many lies and half-truths as the Meyers family!

I haven't believed one word that Mr. Meyers has said from day one. So what really happened? Why, if Tammy Meyers was an innocent victim, did her son and daughter lie? I can't figure out why they would lie? As for Mr. Meyers, he says his wife knew her assailant, if so, why not just call the police? All the time she supposedly mentored him, did Mr. Meyers also try to help that kid? Or did he just sit by while his wife met with the young man in a seedy neighborhood park, gave him money, and supposedly tried to encourage him. What kind of husband does that? I know Alan wouldn't let me do something like that alone. It doesn't make sense.

If Mr. Meyers is willing to lie about any detail of this case,
 what else is he willing to lie about?

Right now, I believe Erich Nowsch should be found
 NOT GUILTY if this case goes to trial,
 but frankly, he should be released from custody long before that.

Any way you see it, this is just one more American tragedy.

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