Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Look Back At February 2015, RIP Leonard Nimoy, And DressGate

"The camera can capture thought in a way
 that's quite surprising and shocking. 
You can become very simple and minimal in your work
 and communicate a lot with just a finger
 or an eyebrow, or a look, or a glance."

~Leonard Nimoy
On Photography

It's the last day of February, which means it's time to take a look back at the month in photos, but before we do that, we must take a brief pause to remember Leonard Nimoy. I, like every other kid who remembers watching Star Trek on it's first voyage on our TVs, found a new way of looking at things around me, from Mr. Spock, the half human/half Vulcan, Science Officer of the USS Enterprise. Spock was stoic, and logical and he was rational. Almost completely devoid of emotion, he reminded us that leading with impulse, rather than logic, rarely ended well. As a little girl, I kinda wished Spock would have been my brother, and missed him, and the show terribly when it ended. My brother was in Vietnam at the time, and everything seemed so far away. I remembered watching Star Trek with my brother and sister before he left, and nothing was the same without him, but somehow watching our favorite SciFi show with my sister, after he left, made my brother feel closer. I guess it was because we all three agreed... Mr. Spock WAS THE SHOW!

 After Star Trek, I watched Leonard Nimoy in other rolls, and enjoyed each one, but missed him as Mr. Spock, and so did all my friends. So, when the Star Trek film franchise started in the 1980's, you can imagine how happy a whole generation was! Even when Spock was killed in the third movie, I didn't believe it, I knew someday he would return, and he did. I was right, a character like that never dies. It was so much fun seeing Spock in a lighter incarnation in, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, my favorite of the early movies, because it took everything less serious than the earlier movies, and the fact that is was set in San Francisco only made it that much more amazing! LOL. Spock was one of a kind, and so was Leonard Nimoy. As much as I loved him as Mr. Spock, he made so many other characters unforgettable, and he was the perfect choice to narrate another favorite show of mine, In Search Of..., after the death of Rod Serling. Oh my, I will miss Leonard Nimoy, but he did live long, and prospered.

Goodnight Mr. Spock.

And Now... A Look Back At February 2016

For a short month, it kinda felt like February
 was NEVER going to end!


And now, let's talk about the question that has divided the Internet. 

Do you see #BlueAndBlack or #WhiteAndGold ?

I see Blue And Black


Based On Color Samples From Behr Paint

How about you? What color combination do you see?

Okay, on to March...

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~Me :)

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