Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Again, This Is To Forego A Conclusion, Right?

"The man can only ride you when you are on your back."

~Sarah Palin
Speaking at the Iowa Freedom Summit
January 24th 2015

Last Friday, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, told ABC News that "You can absolutely say that I am seriously interested," when asked if she was considering a run for presidency in 2016. Is she? I mean, if she is, how well does she think she will do in a field of candidates with the likes of Christ Christie, Rand Paul, Mitt Romney, hell maybe even John McCain, but if there truly is a GOD, will also include Donald Trump? Can she run on her... ahem... merits alone, or will she have to dig up the kind of dirt on her opponents that is needed to knock them out of the race. Could she possibly face John McCain in a debate, and set about bashing the war hero by calling him soft on terrorism by pointing out that he considers water boarding torture? Will she be the one to finally reveal what that thing on Donald Trump's head really is? And what about the fine folks in the heartland who actually live in reality?

You know the ones... the GOD fearing ones? The true patriots that live in the far right thinking pockets of America. You know the good, and easily lead, people who pay roughly $99 a year to listen to her babble and watch her nifty video blogging on her vanity channel. And the ones who tune in weekly to her reality show, Sarah Palin's Amazing America. Will they be there for her when she can't speak from the heart, of her own values and stand on issues, should the teleprompter she is reading from fail, like the one did at the summit over the weekend? Will they be there for her, when it finally dons on people, that she doesn't know what she thinks, she just tries to be folksy, and go with the buzz words, which kinda amounts to throwing jello at a wall, and hoping some of it sticks. But maybe that will be good enough for her followers. Rome wasn't built in a day, dontcha know!

I have to admit, there is a part of me that genuinely hopes our Sarah does indeed run for president. I want to see her in the debates. I want to see her win. I want to see her go up against either Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren in the final debate. I do. I want to hear American, once again decided that while we might be a country of crazies... we aren't THAT DAMNED CRAZY! I want her name to be at the top of the republican ticket, with Ted Nugent! Yes, you read that right, TED NUGENT for Vice President! Hell YEAH! And more than anything else, I want to watch her take the stage, some time late in the evening, of the first Tuesday in November 2016, and concede that America doesn't want, or need her on their side. And then, if there is a GOD, she will slither away, never to be heard of again. But let's finish the story... about 5 years later, the Wasilla Penny Saver needs to do a follow up to the crazy that is Sarah Palin, just to see how the old girl is doing. 




You fill in the rest. Look into the future and tell me, what will Sarah Palin be up to in 2021?

For a serious look into whether or not Sarah Palin is serious about running for office in 2016, read the article below by Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post.  And if you would like to see a clip of her bizarre speech at the Freedom Summit in Iowa there is a link to that at the bottom of the page. 
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(Washington Post)
By Chris Cillizza

(New York Daily News)
By Adam Edelman

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