Monday, January 12, 2015

Advice For Your Monday...

"Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless,
 and add what is specifically your own."

~Bruce Lee

Ugg. I hated it when California made it illegal to hold a cell phone while driving. Mind you, I wasn't anti-safety and it wasn't because I am so busy and so popular that I must be available for phone calls, no, the reason was because the people I heard the most squawking from, within my circle of peeps, were the ones who had held out and refused to buy a cell phone! Now, okay, previously to the new law I had indeed held a cell phone and drove at the same time, but I have never texted anyone while driving, because I am all thumbs! I don't know how folks do it! How do people text so darn fast using all their fingers? Sheesh!

Anyway, when it comes to cell phone use, in day to day life I do more texting than I do talking. Because of the law? No, I have Bluetooth in my car, so if a call comes in I just say "Hello" and talk through my awesome radio, or hit the decline button, and happily continue on my way. But every single time I am out in the car, apparently law be damned, I still see folks talking away on their cell phones. I don't mind really, it's their possible ticket to enjoy, but I am curious about what can't wait until the get to where they are going? Does driving with a cell phone in your hand really make things more dangerous? Or could it be who you are talking to, and the content of the conversation that's the problem?

I have been considering this for years, but even after all this time, I am not sure how to feel. In the end, I have to obey the law, and try to not engage in any screaming matches while talking over my awesome car radio! So, I guess I will never really know unless one day, one of my friends, or my hubby, pisses me off but good while I am driving. That should do it! In the meantime I love the bumper sticker I spotted on this car the other day. Do you suppose they got the dent before, or after the NO HOLDING A CELL PHONE LAW TOOK AFFECT?

Mood: Curious

~Me :)

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