Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Life's Rewards

"The biggest reward of a lifetime is finishing day after day with a smile on your face."

~Eric Sennevoight
The World's Game

Aren't they the cutest little salt and pepper shakers ever? I got two sets of them last December, and a nice little movie ticket package, by chasing in my Stouffer's Dinner Club points. I love Stouffer's, and Stouffer's Lean Cuisine for my lunches. I don't mean to sound like a commercial, but they are really good meals, and the calories are just about right! So, most of the time, with the exception of the occasional I HAVE TO GRAB A GREASY BURGER rampage, that's what I do for lunch, so why not save the 20 points per box... right? In the time that the rewards program was in existence, Alan and I went to the movies for free 4 times, and I got two sets of these cute bird shakers! Yay me!

Lets see... each Stouffer's box was worth 20 points. It takes 2,000 points for each movie ticket package, and 350 points for each salt and pepper shaker set... that comes to...

 Movie Tickets = 300 Stouffer's Lunches
 Salt And Pepper Shakers = 52.5 Lunches

Yep. That's just about right.

But that's spread out over some 5 years or so. You know, because of the occasion burger rampage. Stouffer's recently discontinued their rewards program, so no more luxuries to save for from them. They are supposed to be lunching some new program "soon." I hope so, I like participating in this type of program and I will miss it. But in the meantime I also save points from Coke and Fresh Step cat litter. Not quite as glamorous as Stouffer's, but the box must be scooped, so a little reward of a new set of cat toys makes me incredibly happy! LOL. 

Mood: Happy

~Me :)

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