Sunday, December 07, 2014

Art About Town: San Francisco... "La Chiffonniere" By Jean DuBuffet

"Every night I cuddle with a blob of unbaked clay
 I fashioned in the shape of a woman.
 But that's what being in love is all about."

~Jarod Kintz
This Is The Best Book I've Ever Written, And It Still Sucks

I can't seem to get the perfect photo of this particular sculpture. I have tried different times of day, and different cameras, but for some reason I am never happy with the outcome. It is such an interesting piece. Sometimes I look at it, and I think it's imposing, other times I see a gentle giant. Sometimes I smile, sometimes I don't like to go near it. Is it an alien? Is it a warrior? All I do know is, it inspires me, and it always captures my imagination. It makes me think about what interesting adventures that could happen in it's universe... and I wonder... when the Embarcadero Center is dark and quiet in the middle of the night, does La Chiffonniere leave her place and move about San Francisco saving sleeping citizens from all kinds of terror or turmoil? The artist saw her simply as a woman dressed in rags, but I see something different. I see a woman who might be dressed in rags, but who carries great empowerment! Look, her head is held high, and she stands straight!
She is WOMAN!
Maybe I am never happy with my photos of her, because photographs simply don't do her justice!

So tell me, what do you think of when you look at La Chiffonniere?

Public Art Fund NYC: La Chiffonniere (Temporary Installation)

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jr cline said...

My first thought was Aztect Goddess.