Monday, December 08, 2014

An Old Tradition With A New Life

"As long as we know in our hearts what Christmas ought to be, Christmas is."

~Eric Sevareid 

Tilden Park Christmas Carousel 2012

I found that pretty ornament at the top of the post the other day, at the Tilden Park Christmas Carousel. It's under new management this year, and it's smaller than in previous years, but it is making a great effort to bring some Christmas cheer to those of us who attend every year. While it may be a little sparse this year, I think it will find it's footing and grow into something new, but something really happy and jolly. I like some of the new features, like the extended hours of operations, and the menu at their little restaurant is revamped, another plus being benches to watch the carousel.  But I do miss the many different Christmas trees that lined the windows. 

I really enjoyed the trees with the traditional ornaments for sale, as well as the off beat ones for those who like the lights and fun of the holiday, but who don't have a particular religious belief. I always thought it was a nice way of including the entire community. Several years ago I bought a sparkly brown butterfly ornament that I keep on my desk. It was one of those years when I just didn't want to acknowledge the cold harsh winter that was coming. It was my autumn butterfly! I also bought more traditional ornaments that year, in fact Alan and I always buy each other a new ornament from there every year. It's our little tradition. 

Here are some examples of my favorite ornaments...

Aren't they fun?

Another feature gone is my favorite little band...

He is such a jolly fellow, and his two friends are as cute as can be! But I imagine he has bigger gigs to play, and he is right now entertaining his owners!

I will miss him!

But lets face it... things change. Sometimes great things come along when you open your heart. I am just thankful that the Tilden Park Christmas Carousel is still operating. And I know it will take a while to build it back to it's full potential. I will keep looking forward to it, and I will come back to support it. It has become as big a part of Christmas for Alan and I as decorating the tree, or caroling. It's a new spin on an old tradition. How exciting is that?                                          

( From 2013 )

If you live in the Bay Area, drop by Tilden Park and enjoy that natural beauty, but stay for the Carousel rides. Just $2 each!

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