Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mr. November... And Suspension Of Disbelief

"Sometimes she sat and let her mind go blank and her eyes go out of focus, so that she watched the slow, jerky movements of the motes that floated across her pupils. They amazed her as a child. Now she saw them occasionally bumping into another body without acknowledgment,
 and then floating on, free and alone."

~Robert Goolrick
A Reliable Wife

I was out leaf peeping around Berkeley the other day, when I spotted a single leaf, seemingly floating in mid-air. I was fascinated. I wanted to just stare at the leaf, and take it's picture, and pretend it was indeed, somehow, floating in the blue space between the trees. Unfortunately, I knew deep down that it wasn't the case, it wasn't some kind of supernatural miracle, but the obsession was amazing while it lasted.

 I allowed the temporary suspension of disbelief for a moment or two, then I took a clearer look forward and found the leaf was resting on the thinnest of silk spider web strands. Apparently the spider and I share a fondness of Autumn leaves. LOL. And impossible situations. It's days like this that he crosses my mind. I wonder where Mr. November is. I wonder if he is happy, and I wonder what it would be like to see him again, even after I have gone to great lengths to never be in his web again. 

Why do I still do that?
Floating On Air
Is suspension of disbelief

Like Autumn leaves, people float in and out of your life... but some are unforgettable!

Leaf Of The Day

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~Me :)

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