Thursday, October 16, 2014

Highway 50

"The earth has music for those who listens."

~George Santayana

On our visit to Apple Hill earlier this week, we decided to take a ride north, at least half way to Lake Tahoe. Just to take in some autumn color, unfortunately, there was very little color to be found. It seems what the drought hadn't destroyed, the fires had. Still, its a good bet that if we visit again this month, and go a little higher this time, into Nevada, we might be able to see some leaves putting on a show. At least I hope so! The lack of the usual Sierra runoff made me sad too. There are several vistas positioned along HWY 50 where you can pull over, step out for a few minutes and take photos of all that lovely melted snow rushing along the creek bed. I remember years when you could hear the rushing water before your opened your car door. Not the other day. It was quiet. Too quiet.
I miss the music.

We'll see what our next trip brings!

Leaf Of The Day

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~Me :)

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