Friday, September 05, 2014

RIP Joan Rivers (And A Story About A Special Watch)

"I'm no cook, when I want Lemon Chicken I spray it with Pledge."

~Joan Rivers

WOW! Here we go again! Comedy has taken a tragic beating this year, with the loss of Robin Williams, and now, Joan Rivers. Two trailblazers, for different reasons, and two people I believe would still be alive, had darkness not overcome them. Darkness by choice for one, and fate for the other. Wait... I take it back... in Robin Williams case it wasn't by choice, I have been close to the edge once or twice myself, and I know that when the specter of suicide comes knocking, and you open the door, it can be the most beautiful sight you can see. It blinds you, and before you know it, you have lost yourself. That is what happened to Robin Williams. I guess I am just still in the anger stage of grief when it comes to the loss of the talent, and the kindness that was the truest part of him.

In Joan's case, well, it was supposed to be an outpatient procedure, but something happened. Who knows what will be discovered? Maybe she would have gone into cardiac arrest walking down 5th avenue, or maybe it was something done wrong at the clinic. We will have to wait and see. All I know is that I will miss her greatly. Fashion already doesn't seem the same without her. It's fashion week in New York, and her voice is missing. That's just wrong. Joan Rivers never had to look for ways to keep herself relevant. She was on top of things. She was brilliant, and she never needed to demand attention, because it was her truth that lead her. Good or bad. I admired her for that.

I have a watch. It was a present from someone I loved very much. She was a friend, and we would laugh at the stupidest things, and we both shared the joy of collecting different things. Sometimes she and I would get together over lunch and share what new piece we had recently added to our collections. One day, in June of 1996, we were eating lunch and she pulled out of her tote bag, a tiny black velvet drawstring bag. She put it in front of me and said "Happy Birthday." I was surprised because my birthday was still weeks away, but I smiled and was happy that she thought of me. I opened the bag, and inside was a gold and black necklace watch, from the Joan Rivers Collection. 

At first I thought it was an odd, if not silly, choice. The Joan Rivers Collection? LOL. Comedienne jewelry? But as I looked at the watch I began, all most immediately, to fall in love with it. It was understated, elegant, and really quite lovely. I ended up wearing that watch nearly every day, for the next 10 years or so, and still do when I am going to some special lunch or event. It's comfortable, and gives my outfits a nice look. I only stopped wearing it when I started carrying my cell phone everywhere. But as I sat Thursday, listening to the news of Joan River's death, I felt nostalgic for that watch, and my friend. My friend passed away in 2005, but wearing that watch makes me smile, because I know it was given to me in love and friendship. And now that the designer herself has passed away, I will smile a little bigger when I remember all the time I spent laughing at something Joan Rivers said. Two amazing women who touched my life, and the watch that created the bridge.

Life Goes On...

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