Monday, September 01, 2014

September 1st, 2014 Happy Labor Day

"If I were a moviemaker, I'd set about hunting sunsets."

~Julio Cortazar
Un tal Lucas

Kinda strange starting the week, and a new month, with a sunset... right? Well, not if you factor in that today is also a holiday, Labor Day. So really, rather than being just another Monday, it's more like Sunday Part B! At least that's how my brain interprets it!

Anyway, later today I plan to spend some time with the new camera as I promised in my last post. I am still not sure what my schedule will be like, but I will fit it in somewhere in the day. Who knows, maybe I will do some new night shots. From what I have seen so far, the new Nikon does really well in low lighting conditions. 

The sunset photo above was done with the new camera. The only editing I did was to resize the photo and a small amount of cropping. I am pretty sure I will be using this camera for most of my sunset photos this autumn and winter. I am looking forward to that. 

 I am enjoying my new picture taking gadget. It had some mixed reviews on, but that's always the way with things. Some folks want the camera to do everything for them, while others want complete control, and the camera itself is a mere formality to their extensive creativity. LOL. I am somewhere in-between. I know there are days when I appreciate being able to just grab the camera and make go. But still, times when I want to photograph something I care deeply about, like the kittens, or Woody Allen, a little more thought is good.

I took four cameras with me when I took the aerial tour of San Francisco, and was thankful because one of them stopped dead in mid-flight! LOL. I think the best photos I ever did was during that flight, and it was the Fuji camera that came through for me that day. 
The Fuji camera and I have had a true love/hate relationship, and sometimes even now, after 4 years of ownership, it still leaves me dumbfounded on how sensitive it can be. The quality of photos that I get from that camera are a bit inconsistent, but when I do get a great photo, it's usually quite nice, and I feel like I have really accomplished something.

Mood: Oh well, you know.

~Me :)

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