Sunday, August 31, 2014

A look Back At August 2014...

"It's often about the simple things, isn't it? Painting and photography are first about seeing, they say. Writing is about observing. 
Technique is secondary. Sometimes the simple is the most difficult."

~Linda Olson

Well, I don't know about you, but won't be looking back at August 2014 with any warm fuzzies! August was pretty much the ASSHOLE of the year, or at least the summer, but no, I am pretty sure the year. I was right the first time. Sigh.I keep thinking to myself that things hurt so bad in August, and in 2014 in general, that it would be impossible for it all to become anymore painful than it already has... but I think we will have a little of August insinuating itself into September soon. I don't want to think the worst about Joan Rivers condition, but I am afraid... well... sigh. I am keeping good thoughts for her, and yes I am saying a prayer or two. The thing is, she is still so vibrant, so amazing. She seems to have more energy than I do. She must pull through this ordeal... right? August 2014 has been greedy, enough is enough. 

Okay, with that said, and off my chest, lets look back at August 2014...

The cute pink Nikon CoolPix S3600 camera you see, is my brand new toy! It was time to pick up a new pocket sized camera for those moments when you don't have time to fiddle with settings, or the subject doesn't call for something fussier. I have only taken a few test photos, I hope to get out of the house on Monday and really take it through it's features, but so far I am thrilled with the what I have accomplished. I will do a special post next week about my initial findings. Like with all great love affairs, with men, and with cameras, the relationship takes time to build and progress, but it all starts with a first date! LOL, My Nikon and I have a date for next Monday! :)

August saw me doing more tip-toeing through the archives due to Alan's schedule, my prepping for vacation in October, my sadness over the death of such great artists during the month, and my just general lack of inspiration. I did manage to work on a couple new things, and I did some new photography, but I am hoping to really get out in September and do a lot more photography so that when vacation gets here I will be ready to make some art! 

Sound good?

You bet!

Mood: Okay Bordering On Great

~Me :)

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