Sunday, June 29, 2014

52 Already?

Happy Owls
Albany, California
June 25th, 2014

"With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come."

~William Shakespeare

Me at 50.

It's that time again... June 29th... my birthday! Personally, I like birthdays, a lot, but it sure is strange how fast my life seems to have gone since turning 21! It is really just a blink, but when I look back over the years, I was a pretty lucky person in that blink, because I know I was loved! Alan, I love you back! And my online friends, and IN REAL LIFE friends, I love all of you as well! So it's all good! And one really great thing about being this age, I finally feel smart, and perhaps even a little wise about a few things! I wouldn't change my age for anything!

So, what does someone who is happy, and content with her life want for her birthday? Well, see, it's the little things that can make me the happiest! About a week ago, or so, one of my favorite Twitter peeps, Paul Myers (@pulmyears) posted a great photo (pretty much exactly like the one above) to his Instagram account of a set of colorful owl candles he spotted at a nursery called Flowerland. 

He filled me in on the location of the nursery, and last week I decided to pay it a little visit. Low and behold, there were the adorable candles! I decided to purchase the green one. It's got a nice autumn vibe to it, and I thought it would look really nice with my other candles on my desk. And it does. And it makes me smile. It reminds me that I am a bit older, but a bit wiser too. I am so glad he posted that photo, because if he hadn't, I would have missed out on the little green owl, and that wouldn't have been good because it was the perfect something to give myself for making it to 52!


I just hope I didn't throw off the owl's Feng shui too much!

Hello *52*... good to meet ya! :)

Mood: Happy

~Me :)


jr cline said...

Happy Birthday!

fredamans said...

Happy birthday Carly!