Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Happy Place

"You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway."

~Steve Maraboli, Life, The Truth, And Being Free

Okay, I have been a little stressed lately. I could give the laundry list, but why? No good comes from ruminating, and besides, why burden you, and possibly stress you out, about what I stress about! So, what am I going to do about all the stress? Glad you asked! I am going to spend a lot of time at one of my favorite places on Earth. Point Montara Lighthouse, in Montara, California.

Lighthouses have been my passion for years! I have been to many of them up and down the California coast, and have been intrigued and inspired by all of them, but there is something about Point Montara Lighthouse that I love, and let me tell you, it's true love! I love it's size, and it's history. I love that there are benches overlooking the water where you can sit for as long as you want, and just let go of whatever stress or pain that is in your way. I love that I can go there when nothing is wrong, and leave even happier than when I got there!

It's always there for me. It doesn't judge. It just shines it's light on me. 


And look how beautiful the sun is, as it begins to set, on a January day.

Who wouldn't want to spend the day there? Perhaps one day I will stay at the hostel on the grounds for a couple days, or maybe forever. You never know. Shrug.

Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel

Mood: Quiet But Okay

~Me :)

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