Sunday, January 19, 2014

Go 49ers!

"Today I will do want others won't, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can't."

~Jerry Rice


Okay, so a little later today I will be doing a small amount of yelling at my TV machine. Mostly phrases like GO NINERS, SEAHAWKS SUCK and Alan's personal favorite... TOUCHDOWN! But in all fairness, I won't be the only one in Berkeley yelling in the middle of the afternoon, in fact, I dare say, the entire hillside will probably join me! 

Didn't you just love this time of year as a child? On Saturdays and Sundays you could hear all the dads in the neighborhood yelling their hearts outs at their TV's cheering on... whoever... college or pro team that they supported. Here in the Bay Area, the East Bay specifically, it was Cal Berkeley Bears on Saturday, and either the 49ers or Raiders on Sundays. 


So tell me, will you be watching football today? If so, who are you rooting for?

San Francisco 49ers or Seattle Seahawks? 

My Pick: 49ers! (Of Course)

How about the other game?

New England Patriots or Denver Broncos?

My Pick: New England

Mood: Happy
~Me :)

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