Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Getting To Know You

"The way to get on with a cat is to treat it as an equal... or even better... as the superior it knows itself to be."

~Elizabeth Peters, The Snake, The Crocodile And The Dog

It's been about 2 months since our new baby, Joey, came to live with us. I will never forget the day we found him, he was scared, and injured from some crows that had bit at his tiny body, and he was tired. He was just this wee ball of fluff, about as lost as anyone could be. I think it was pretty much love at first sight. Love for all of us... well... almost all of us. It took a good bit of convincing where Dylan was concerned. Hendrix only took a couple days to warm up to him, and now they are wrestling buddies! Dylan has never been a very social cat, I think because his eyesight is so bad, so he still continues to hiss, but it's a defensive stance, not aggressive. A simple FUCK OFF if you will. 

Joey takes it well, and he is giving Dylan the proper amount of respect. He doesn't try to engage Dylan, and lets him be. It's working out much better than I imagined it would. We now have 3 beautiful little boys, each one different, but all three wonderful. For the most part, Joey is picking up some of Hendrix's traits. Love comes first. Listen when Mom says the word NO or STOP! LOL. But Joey has his own personality, and it shines through quite charmingly.

Joey likes pizza. Any kind of pizza. Whenever we make a frozen pizza or purchase one from out in the world, Joey knows it, and wants some. I actually caught him happily gnawing on a slice of Domino's Wisconsin cheese pizza the other day, much to my surprise! My other two boys aren't really foodies. Dylan pays no attention when we cook and serve dinner. Hendrix always wants to be a part of things, but never eats anything. Joey doesn't really much care about out meals... unless it's pizza. Sometimes, as I get to know him better, I wonder if Joey might have been a human once upon a time, who lived in Flatbush in Brooklyn, and really liked pizza!

It could be. One never really knows about these things. :)

But look at that snugglepuss, don't you just love him?

Mood: Happy

~Me :)

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