Friday, January 31, 2014

A Look Back At January 2014

"The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don't have to explain things with words."

~Elliot Erwitt

It's the last day of January... my... that was fast! LOL. Only 11 months, and 3 seasons to go before the WAR ON CHRISTMAS, that takes place only in Bill O' Reilly's head, comes around. But in the mean time, how about we take a look back at what caught my eye this past month, shall we?

January Retrospective 2014

This past month was unusual as January's go. The weather was unseasonably warm, often reaching the mid 80s in the Bay Area. That allowed for some lovely summer-like photos, which I kind of felt embarrassed to post, given the extreme cold the East Coast is experiencing. But there was a special circumstance that motivated me, in that the Maverick's held their annual surf contest a week ago. I didn't get across the bay for the actual event, but the waves were glorious in the days just prior to the contest. And along with the warm, sunny days, came the colorful romantic sunsets. I enjoyed photographing them very much, it had been several months since I had been able to do low light photography, so it was nice to stretch that creative muscle.

I am not sure what February has in store for me, creatively speaking. My life in general has settled down. It seems the recurring theme of Plan B has been left in 2013! THANK GOD! It was beginning to knock me down. I understand the need for change, but really, being able to count on certain things is good to. Anyway, I am ready to see what comes next. I will have my cameras by my side to document it, and with any luck, I will see something truly amazing! Or on the other hand, perhaps I will see something common, in a new way. Either way, my eyes will be open to the possibilities.

That's a good thing I think.

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~Me :)

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