Monday, December 30, 2013

The Naming Of Cats Is A Difficult Matter...

"The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter,
It isn't just one of your holiday games;
You may think at first I'm as mad as a hatter
When I tell you, a cat must have Three Different Names.

First of all, there's the name that the family use daily,
Such as Peter, Augustus, Alonzo or James,
Such as Victor or Jonathon, or George or Bill Baily
All of them sensible everyday names.

There are fancier names if you think they sound sweeter,
Some for the gentlemen, some for the dames
Such as Plato, Admetus, Electra, Demeter
But all of them sensible everyday names.

But I tell you, a cat needs a name that's particular,
A name that's peculiar, and more dignified,
Else how can he keep up his tail perpendicular,
Or spread out his whiskers, or cherish his pride?

Of names of this kind, I can give you a quorum,
Such as Munkustrap, Quaxo, or Coricopat,
Such as Bobalurina, or else Jellyorum...
Names that never belong to more than one cat.

But above and beyond there's till one name left over,
And that is the name you never will guess;
The name that no human that no human research can discover...
But THE CAT HIMSELF KNOWS, and will never confess.

When you notice a cat in profound meditation
The reason, I tell you, is always the same...
His mind is engaged in a rapt contemplation
Of the the thought, of the thought, of the thought of his name...

His ineffable effable
Deep and inscrutable singular NAME."

~T.S. Eliot, Old Possum's Book Of Practical Cats

I owe Dr. B an apology. He and I had briefly discussed names for little Joey on our first visit to see him, just after Joey burst into our lives. At that time he had mentioned that no cats should have more than three names, and I disagreed, because I thought I had read in the Old Possums's Guide To Practcal Cats, that all cats should have six names! Well, clearly, that turned out to be wrong. Thank goodness I haven't given the other 2 cats in the house as many names as I thought they should have had! But they do have more than one name!

Hendrix is also known as: Bubba, Teeth, Baby Hendrix, Moose and Chubs, because of his apple cheeks.
Dylan is also known as: The Baby, Mr. Pissypants, Dilly and Dillybean, Old Bean
Joey is also known as: Joseph, Joey Bear, Little Joe, Mr. Chew and PigPen.

I think I will stop at those names. LOL. They fit, they understand them, and why confuse things... right? Elvis was born with his name, I am convinced of that, and he wouldn't deal with nicknames, he put his paw down about that. When we got Hendrix, he learned his name within the first week, he is such a bright, loving child. He is truly the love bug! Dylan is the serious one, who only needs to be brushed to put him in a happy playful mood! But with Joey, we still have to get to know each other a little better before all his personality traits come out, but so far, he is just a total joy! He is smart, and climbs really well, and he is learning his proper place with his brothers.

Joey has been a wonderful, happy surprise! And yes Dr. B, you were correct, three names is plenty!

Mood: Happy

~Me :)

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