Sunday, December 22, 2013

At Christmas, All Roads Lead Home

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."

~Lao Tzu

Joey And His Daddy
December 19th, 2013

Alan and I were musing last evening about how, for once, we haven't gotten a phone call about how December 10th has affected us. You remember about December 10th? That's a cursed day, usually financially, that Alan and I experience each year! Well, this year, the number one financial curse affecting millions is the Target breach, and for once, it doesn't affect us at all! In our over diligence and caution, we were very careful where we used our ATM/Debit cards, and this time the over caution worked out just fine. We won't be caught up in that mess! So, it seems we are free and clear this December 10th, unless you count, well, Joey.

If you would have told me a month ago, that we would be adopting another cat, considering the small place we live in, I would have laughed for two weeks straight! I would have told you JUST how full of beans you were and pretty much made fun of you each time I saw you, because clearly you are the most ridiculous person... EVER! Well, the joke would have been on me, because we have adopted a cat, and not just any cat, we have our very own Joey!

Dylan At The Help Desk

Things were going so well in our lives. Both Dylan and Hendrix were finally at the age where we could leave the house for extended periods of time, and not have to worry about coming back home to drama, like Hendrix getting into the pantry... he likes to snack... or Dylan driving the neighbors crazy with his early morning concerts, or his fascination with typing HELP on the computer! Also he likes to sing the Dilly Song, bright and early every morning, but a belly rub, and a nice brushing usually calms him down. Although, if I don't happen to be home, he doesn't sing at all! This was confirmed by leaving the webcam on overnight once. The singing is all about the attention! And we have figured that out, so, everything was fine. It was good. We had the perfect family... but you know how life is, it has one damn sense of humor!

Dylan, 2009 "Here's What I Think Of You, Mommy!"

I have known Joey for 3 weeks now. He came running into our lives on November 30th. He is our little holiday cat, and a more loving, agreeable cat there never was! He seems to understand that we saved him, kept him from harm, and yes... we love him! He can't possibly be a part of some financial curse, even if we have put out around $400.00 since we found him! He was injured. We got him his shots. He needed kitten chow. He needed toys. He needed blankets for his bed. He needed a collar. He needed his own grooming supplies. He needed a small cat box. He needed all those things any new baby needs, but most of all, he needs us.

Hendrix, 2009"I help you! Can I help? How can I help?":)

I can't even begin to explain the timing, except the universe, and God, and Elvis, all have a sense of humor! Over the years, as we got to know Hendrix and Dylan, it has seemed more and more likely that we didn't find them by a lucky chance of circumstances, I truly believe Elvis sent them both to us to ease the deep aching pain his loss left us with! Honestly, I died a little with that cat. He saw me through so much, and he loved me till he died. He was a huge presence in our lives, and he made a big impression on those he met. I had people tell me that, while they didn't particularly care for cats, Elvis had something special to him that made them feel instantly comfortable. He would bond with people almost instantly. I wish I had just a little of the charm he had.

Elvis, 2008

When he got cancer... it felt like a wide dull knife was stuck into my soul. And the day it was time to let go, and I started to leave the doctor's office, I looked back at Elvis, and our eyes met, and he had a look on his face that seemed... to say..." it's okay, it's time, don't worry." And I let go. But I really didn't. I think about him every day. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And sometimes, I can feel him here with me. Laughing at me. Patting my tears like his used to do, and sometimes just reminding me of his playful nature. So, when we brought home Hendrix and Dylan, and they fit in like we had custom ordered them, it wasn't hard to believe that maybe Elvis had sometime to do with it. He was our caregiver on earth, and he never stopped working. Love transcends ethereal boundaries. I believe that completely.

So, here were are, with a cat none of us planned for, but he is so gentle, and smart and playful. He never complains about having to go into his box for bed time. He doesn't bother the other cats. He isn't super vocal. He is just the perfect cat for us in every way! He is exactly who and what we would have ordered, had we been able to summon the perfect cat! So whether Joey found us by way of God, or Elvis, or Santa for that matter, there is one thing I know for sure, it wasn't by coincidence. Joey, Alan and I were all on the same road that day, and now there is just a little more love in our little cottage. The best gifts don't always come from stores or are wrapped up in paper and bows when you get them! 

The best gift will always be the gift of love!

"At Christmas all roads lead home."

~Marjorie Holmes

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~Me :)

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