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On The Eve Of September 11th

"War is what happens when language fails."

~Margaret Atwood

On The Eve Of September 11th

Here we go again. We (America) is about to march off to an unnecessary war. A war that doesn't have to happen, perhaps more blatantly than the last one that didn't have to happen. If I close my eyes, and listen to the justifications for the current plea for war, I swear I hear Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney talking, and in place of John Kerry, is that Colin Powell I hear?


I get it. I do. Syrian President Bashar Assad is suspected of using chemical weapons on his own citizens. It's a horrendous thought. I saw a video over the weekend of children, one small boy in particular, dying a slow hideous death, with a heartbreaking look on his face that seemed to beg... WHY? I won't forget that image easily, or quickly. I understand President Obama's anger, and determination to hold President Assad accountable. No one with a soul could have done that to that child! Of course that child's murder, and the murder of those around him, must be met with justice! But what is being asked of America, it's military and citizens, is wrong! Killing more, to prove murder, no matter how it is committed, is wrong! IS AS WRONG AS IT GETS!

And it's unnecessary in that there are legal paths that can be taken to accomplish the justice those victims deserve!

If President Assad did indeed use chemical weapons, he has committed a war crime. He needs to stand trial in an International Criminal Court. PERIOD!

Yesterday, a tape made it's way to the media, which showed the execution of seven men of Assad's military, being stripped down, bent over, and assassinated by gunshots to the back of the head. That act was carried out by just one of the several different anti Assad rebel groups. Which one? I don't really know! As I said, it was one group of many, who all seem to have different agendas. Also in the news recently, was a video of a different Syrian rebel eating the heart of a dead Syrian soldier. Again, I have no idea what group that rebel belonged to! All I know is, it made me sick! And I am pretty sure it is just as unimaginable, and horrendous an act to the average American. But does average America want to risk aiding a group like that, in order to scare Assad off of using chemical weapons? Are we saying... "Sure, torture, kill, desecrate the deceased body, hold the dead up as trophies, but we draw the line at chemical weapons, so we are going to help you with your presidential problems, now be sure to remember us on your holiday lists, because we helped!"

Okay, I know, that was way over simplifying things. Or was it?

President Obama has shown a shocking lack of leadership in this situation! God! I am now agreeing with some republicans! Do you know how profoundly sad that makes me? Honestly, I don't know how we can be sitting here, on the eve of the 12th anniversary of September 11th, 2001, standing on the cliff of yet another war! I supported President Bush's original plan to go into Afghanistan. 90% of my fellow Americans were with me in that. But by the time we heard the drumbeats of war in Iraq, I no longer trusted the word of President Bush, or those around him! I never supported going into Iraq, and if you remember me from my old AOL Journal days, you know how heavily that war sat on my mind and heart! I think that all these years later, we all know what that was all about! We don't need to rehash that situation, but we don't need to forget it either. Especially not now! I will not blindly support any human man, it makes no difference to me who the president is, wrong is wrong!

Dear President Obama...

I get the stand you are taking, but I cannot support a military strike now or ever! I want to see Bashar Assad stand trial in an open, international court. Make an example of him, and set an example while you are at it! If he has used chemical weapons, act accordingly, act legally. The U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said this past Tuesday that, any action taken against Syria would be illegal without Security Council approval or a sound case for self defense. Please Mr President, don't make everything worse by committing an international illegal act! You represent WE THE PEOPLE! The majority of Americans don't want you to do this. LISTEN TO US. Remember who you are, or at least who you were, or at least who you told us you were. God, I don't even know which one it is! And that makes me profoundly sad for both of us! You say if America strikes Syria, it would be limited and no boots would be on the ground, but what about the unknown? Maybe you believe that sir, but what about events you can't foresee? And what about the adjoining countries? What happens if Syria strikes other countries because of our actions, do we defend them? Or do we leave them to pick up the pieces on their own? Mr. President, the answer doesn't always have to be war! The answer needs to be, what doesn't happen nearly enough... JUSTICE!

If there is a regime change Mr. President, do we know who, and what we will be putting into power?

"There are causes worth dying for, but none are worth killing for."

~Albert Camus

Sincerely, And With Respect,

Just Me

Mood: Sad/Reflective

Note: I Titled This Post "On The Eve Of September 11th" because of how I have, ironically, written so many posts about how I wish we could all go back to Monday, September 10th, 2001. The day before everything changed. We could have all made different decisions. Some of us could have stopped what happened, and those of us who couldn't have done much to have changed the day, could have taken that particular day a lot less for granted.


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