Friday, August 09, 2013

One City, Two Different Views

"It's never the differences between people that surprise us. It's the things that, against all odds, we have in common."

~Jodi Picoult, House Rules

The picture above is of one of the prettiest areas of San Francisco... Ocean Beach. I love taking lunch down to the beach sometimes, and just watching the surfers or the families playing on the beach. It's also kind of fun to watch ships coming into the bay, through the Golden Gate, which is right around the corner. You can't see the bridge from here, but it's okay, this area is right off Golden Gate park, and it's got it's own charms! If you look very closely at the far right of the photo you will see a white building with a white line, which is actually a suspension bridge that leads to the Point Bonita Lighthouse, which sits on the cliff in Marin County. I have been to Ocean Beach a million or so times over the years, and believe it or not, this is the first time I realized you can see that lighthouse from there! I didn't even notice it the day I took the photo, I noticed it when I was editing! So much for my powers of observation! LOL. Now that I know where to look, I am going to do some additional photography in Ocean Beach, just to see what else I have missed all these years!

Point Bonita Lighthouse
Marin County
November 1st, 2012



Now, way over on the other side of San Francisco someone saw a need a filled it! I ask you, why didn't someone think of a Donut shop and Bar before? How cool is that? Yes, I know there is also a restaurant attached, that apparently never closes, but it's the thought of getting a Gin & Cruller at 4:00 A.M. that really appeals to me! That's brilliant! As long as I wasn't driving of course! And can you imagine a Maple Bar Martini? Oooh... how about a Fuzzy Navel Scone? A Scotch and Jelly? The mind reels with the possibilities! It's brilliant I tells ya!

Silver Crest Donut Shop, Restaurant And Bar
San Francisco, California
August 2nd 2013


"It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those difference."

"Andre Lorde

San Francisco... You gotta love this city!

"Our similarities bring us to a common ground; Our differences allow us to be fascinated by each other."

~Tom Robbins

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~Me :)

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