Monday, July 22, 2013

Art About Town: San Francisco... Stop And Enjoy The Fillmore (Part Two)

"Aftermath" By J Seward Johnson. San Francisco, California. July 17th, 2013

"There are more valid facts and details in works of art than there are in history books."

~Charlie Chaplin

Stop And Enjoy The Fillmore (Part Two)

A little over a week ago I posted the first in a series of 12 sculptures which were recently installed, on a temporary basis, in San Francisco's Fillmore district. The collection is called "Celebrating The Familiar" and it's placement is for encouraging visitors, and native San Franciscans alike, to not just visit and patronize the Fillmore neighborhood of the city, but to indeed stop and enjoy it for it's own unique atmosphere. As with last week's posting of the first 4 sculptures, I enjoyed walking around the neighborhood, and taking in all the sights and sounds around me. I hope to photograph the last four sculptures in the series this week, which will make me a little sad because I will be done with this series, but on the other hand I am so glad I decided to break them up in groups of four, rather than photograph and post them all at once. I have really enjoyed the different experiences each time I have visited the Fillmore.

"Celebrating The Familiar" Part Two

"Aftermath" By J Seward Johnson

"Out To Lunch" By J Seward Johnson

"Waiting To Cross" By J Seward Johnson

"Frequent Flyers" By J Seward Johnson

I really love this series. People, going about their lives, living life, is art. Sometimes life is drama, and sometimes it's all about the whimsy. There is extreme beauty in the ordinary, and there can be magic in the routine. It's all a matter of perspective, and the eyes we choose to see with.

Part Three To Come Soon... Stay Tuned!

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