Saturday, May 25, 2013

Art About Town: San Francisco: The 8 Sculptures Of Crissy Field; A Preview Of An Exhibit

"Huru" by Mark di Suvero. Crissy Field, San Francisco

"You must forget all your theories, all your ideas before the subject. What part of these is really your own will be expressed in the expression of the emotion awakened in you by the subject."

~Henri Matisse

On my visit to Crissy Field last week, I was delighted to see that there is a new public art exhibit of 8 sculptures by artist Mark di Suvero. The first sculpture I ever saw by this artist was Pax Jerusalem which stands on the grounds of the Legion of Honor. I have always enjoyed that sculpture, so the minute I saw the exhibit of 8 on Crissy Field, I knew instantly who the artist was! I was only able to take a few pictures the other day, but this photo certainly does not do the piece justice, so I am hoping to get back to the city next week to photograph each of them! I am looking forward to the walk between them, and learning the background of each one! While I am in San Francisco, there is another sculpture by the artist located near AT&T park so I think I will make my visit all about the art and see how many sculptures I can photograph in one day! It will be a sculpture safari! LOL. Wish me luck!

Pax Jerusalem by Mark di Suvero. Located at the Legion of Honor, San Francisco

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jr cline said...

WOW! Amazing art. That is one of the items missing where I live. There is a shortage of art nearby. You're blessed to have access to this.