Saturday, February 23, 2013

Round Robin Challenge: Give It Up

"There is no failure except in no longer trying."

~Elbert Hubbard

RRC: Give It Up

The Art Of Giving It Up...

Funny how things work. Most motivational advisers, gurus, and speakers will insist that you should keep soldiering on, except things for what they are, and never, ever, GIVE UP! But I can tell you, there most certainly is a time and season to do just that... GIVE UP! In my case the message to give up came by way of an email from my doctor telling me that despite my relative good health, low cholesterol numbers, and average weight, I was now, at the age of 45 a diabetic! Stupid genes or something... not sure... but facts being facts, my body simply doesn't process food the way it used to, so it was time to grow up, and make a few changes. One of the easiest adjustments to my life came in the form of snack foods. When. Where. If. It was all something that I needed to put some thought into.

I have a sweet tooth. Alan has a salty tooth. Well, movies and snacking pretty much go hand in hand... right? And when you belong to rewards clubs, such as My Coke Rewards program, some of the rewards involved offer movie theater packages, which include, drinks and popcorn. So, instead of ordering a Coke Classic, Alan and I share a large Coke Zero. And instead of ordering 2 large popcorn, we share one small popcorn, and set goals for actually leaving the theater with some left over! We simply have a nice, healthy lunch before we go to the movies, and we have the best of both worlds... in moderation! It works pretty well for us, but lately we have been passing on the snacks altogether! Yes, popcorn smells wonderful, and yes I believe it's addictive, but we have been counting our calories, sodium, sugars, and fat, and acting accordingly.

I have to admit, we haven't given up completely, but we are working on it. Change doesn't just happen over night, not even during lint! But the effort is making us smarter people, because more thought is going into our health! It doesn't hurt that now theaters have to display the nutritional values of their concession offerings. It's never been easier to do the unthinkable and GIVE UP!

Regal Cinemas Nutritional Values

Large Buttered Popcorn: 1640
Small No Butter Popcorn: 400

AMC Theaters Nutritional Values

Large Buttered Popcorn: 1640
Small No Butter Popcorn: 370

For me, I love GIVING UP, it has made me a smarter person! Who knew GIVING UP could be so motivational? Go figure!

Now that you have seen what I am giving up on, be sure to visit the other participating Robins! There are some awesome photographers that join us! Simply click the link at the top of this post to be redirected to the official Round Robin blog. You will find the participation list there and all the information you need to join in the fun! :)

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Sue said...

You have been a very clever girl, giving up on those calories, I hope to follow your example very soon, but prefer to wait for Summer, it is much easier to diet in the hotter season when I can appreciate a nice cold salade and juicey fruits.
I love your collage of pictures... nice shots!