Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 10th Reveals It's Agenda...

"If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans."

~Stephen Hawking

It Might Look Like A Walnut...

Um... ut oh. I thought this year's December 10th came and went a little too quietly. LOL. In my post the other day, I mentioned that sometimes the strange stuff didn't always happen exactly on the day itself, but that sometimes within a a few days or so something will happen that is so off as far as the circumstance or timing that one can't possibly find a better box to put it in other than that wacky curse. We had thought we had beat it this year, but once again it was a case of... WAIT NOT SO FAST! Yesterday morning the news had two really interesting stories about occurrences here in the Bay Area that at first glance seem like the have nothing to do with each other, but may in fact, have everything to do with each other, and the Curse of December 10th!

The first story is about a large number of squid beaching themselves on a beach in Aptos, which is about 70 miles or so south of San Francisco, situated on the Monterey Bay. The animal and wildlife experts have NO idea what could have caused it. They are investigating it, but it adds the Bay Area to the list of areas around the world that has seen a large number of peculiar animal die offs. Yep. Die offs. Okay, I know what you are thinking... what does that have to do with the Curse of December 10th? Glad you asked.

It's about the photo above. See the lights at the bottom of the photo that serve to illuminate the Embarcadero? Do they look a little odd to you? They did to us. As we walked along the Embarcadero last Saturday night, Alan began to laugh about how much the lights resembled... Aliens. You know little green men. Well, I take that back, I actually mean the greys. The big eyed, no mouth, deep grey, slimy skinned, Betty and Barney Hill kidnapping... aliens! Look closely at the picture... don't the lights resemble them, at least a little?

Okay, I know, I know, but then this happened!

Strange Lights Above The Mission District. Could it be a UFO? Or a series of UFO's?  As far as I am concerned it could be. Funny thing, the experts have NO idea what could have caused it. There's that phrase again... the experts have NO idea what could have caused it.

Mission District UFO'S (December 8th 2012)

Squid Beach Themselves In Aptos (December 10th 2012)

Okay, yes, it's a weird funny coincidence. Okay. Let's say it is. Why did it occur any other day of the year? Or weekend of the year for that matter? It didn't. It happened the weekend of... December 10th!

As the lights in the sky were appearing over the Mission, Alan and I were joking about how the lights along the Embarcadero, lights we have seen hundreds of times over, look kinda like aliens.

Kinda spooky methinks.

Also spooky... If this hadn't been a leap year, the day of the week December 10th would have fallen on would have been... last Saturday, December 8th! Maybe aliens don't know from calendars, unless its a Mayan Calender!



~Me :)


Call me Paul said...

Well, the lights in the sky were almost certainly Chinese Lanterns. The squid thing, I dunno. However, what you were doing in your first paragraph is what skeptics call, "Post-diction." The technical term for that logical fallacy is, "moving the goalposts." Having predicted that something would happen on December tenth, and finding no suitably odd thing that day to fulfill said prediction, you moved the goalposts to include "within a few days," then went searching for "odd" things to point to. And as we all know, when you go looking for anomalies, you'll always find them. Let's be perfectly honest: December tenth is just another day - except in your own mind. Cheers.

jr cline said...

They look like aliens to me. That is the first thing I thought when I saw the picture and that was before I read a word of it.
The UFO vid is interesting. I wonder what those things were.
As for the sad....all that wasted sushi. hahahaha