Monday, July 09, 2012

A Photo A Day For 6 Months: Day 60~ Summer To Autumn

"If you see something that moves you, and then snap it, you keep a moment."

~Linda McCartney


Linda McCartney took amazing photographs. I have loved her work and style since I first saw her photos in the 70's. It was heartbreaking to me when she passed away from breast cancer in 1998. I have a few books of her photography, and at times I have tried to style certain photos after some of her lovely photos. My winter photographs mostly, and of course my black and white ones as well. She had a lovely, soft, uncluttered style to her photography. I find them comforting. While capturing a single moment, she at the same time, reminds one that life need not be rushed. She understood life and it showed in the gentle photos she took. Someone told me once..." If you love the subject you are photographing, your pictures will convey that love." When you look at her photos, it was apparent, she knew about love.

It's nearly the middle of July, and I am already thinking about the coming autumn. Photography speaking, I will have a very full October this year. Alan and I have a lot of special days planned for this year's vacation month. Along with the usual photo jaunts, we are adding a ride above the San Francisco Bay in a Cessna, and now we have added a whale watching trip on board a catamaran. I don't get seasick... not even a little bit... but this is the smallest boat I have been on, so it will be a new experience. I am so excited to step outside my comfort zone and try these new opportunities. With my camera in my hand, I am always braver. LOL. We'll see. I know both are perfect ways to spend an October day. October is a lovely time of year in the Bay Area. 

So, this week I am putting one foot back into the water, so to speak, by doing all new photography. I am particularly interested in doing some black and white scenes. Some simple, everyday scenes is a start. It's been too long since I worked with that. I need to also do some summer photos that are as interesting in black and white as they would be in color. That takes a lot of thought. Weather, time of day, and choice of subject must be planned out. On the other hand, just getting in the car and photographing subjects as they introduced themselves is fun also. I want to begin a transistional file of season to season. Summer to Autumn has challenges of it's own. Should be a good way to exercise those creativity muscles that have been neglicted while my thyroid needed attention.

Again... We'll See.




~Me :)

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