Saturday, February 13, 2010

RRC: Childhood Memories

From For Ellipsis

"It's never too late to have a happy childhood."

-Tom Robbins

RRC: Childhood Memories
Suggested by Monica, of the blog, Shutterly Happy

Childhood Memories...

When I think back on my childhood, I usually change the subject! LOL. I have written many times about how stressful things were with my family. Mental illness, tough economic times, a brother in Vietnam, a sister so much older then myself that we NEVER saw things the same. I don't think about my childhood often, but when I do I usually think about the best times I had, not so much about the sad stuff. I have made my peace with things, for the most part. It's just healthier to focus on what went right, and the thing positive things that helped shape who I am now.


My mother taught me about animals from a very, very young age. She got me an incubator and some fertile eggs, and I got to see some baby chicks come from the eggs. We had all kinds of pets. Cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, bunnies, we even had a Road Runner for a short time. I learned how to love from those animals. :) One of my favorite pets was a cat named Chloe. She was a simple Gray Tabby, but she was the nicest girl you would ever want to meet. She was quiet, and very friendly, and she was my constant companion for a long time. I miss her gentle cuddles. :)

Stuffed Animals...

OMG... I LOVE stuffed animals to this day. As you might expect, I had a very large stuffed animal collection as a child. Now, as an adult lady, I still find them hard to resist. I collect bears from Boyd's Bears. The one you see above I named Arlo. I am not sure why, but he just looks like an Arlo to me! LOL.


From Ellipsis

My dad and I used to talk for hours about politics. He was a Liberal/Democrat and he shared those ideals with me, so you can imagine how amused and HORRIFIED he was when I became a republican for about 6 months in my youth. LOL. He knew it wouldn't last long, much like the love I had for a certain ex-boyfriend, who just happened to be... wait for it... a minister. Sheesh. That guy was the last person in the world who belonged being a minister! WHAT WAS I THINKING? LOL. I kept my faith and dumped the minister. Something I have never regretted! I sure miss my dad. I would love to have a long conversation with him about the current political climate in America. I bet he would find Sarah Palin particularly amusing and horrifying!

The Art of Observation AKA Photography...

From Ellipsis Editing Journal

As a child I read all the time, and I spent long summer afternoons, with my favorite dog, up in the big plum tree we had in our yard, eating fruit and listening to music from a great little radio my dad bought me. I drew pictures, and played barbies and eventually I took pictures. I didn't talk much as a child, I preferred to observe. I wanted to know why things were the way they were, and I did that best by observing. Little did I know how handy that skill would become one day, when I fell in love with photography! :)

Thanks for the fun idea Monica! :)

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Monica said...

Obviously by what you wrote, we grew up in the same time period. I also had a brother (2 actually) in Nam and all my siblings were considerably older (half brothers and sisters).

I wonder what my dad would think of Sarah Palin. I'd love to have that discussion with him. =)

I really enjoyed your entry, thanks for letting us peek into your childhood.

Cindy said...

I enjoyed this little glimpse into your childhood! :)

Quilt Works said...

What a beatiful kitty cat! Very regal looking!

I posted too. Also a kitty cat with my old childhood toy.

Linda said...

Wasn't it fun "looking back?" Thanks for sharing your photos

ellen b said...

It's good to make peace with our past so we can choose joy in the present. And when I say that I don't mean to imply that all the things that happened are OK, just that there's no changing it. Sorry to go on about that...
LOL I was a Democrat in my junior high and high school years but when I got to college my views changed :0)
Your bear is great and I like that name. What a perfect love for an "Observer" No wonder you are so good at it!

Suzanne R said...

We had no animals (except a good-sized turtle, that got chewed to death by a neighbor dog, causing me great heartbreak) growing up, but I have developed a true love for them. I think I'm the opposite in some ways to what I was when younger. I used to be very conservative but that has definitely changed. Anyway, I love Arlo. What a neat bear!

Gattina said...

This teddy bear is so loveable !
I was never allowed to have pets when I was a child. But as soon as I lived of my own I had a cat !
I still buy stuffed cats with the excuse that I have a cat collection, lol ! they are all sitting on my bed. I don't care 66 years old or not, lol !

Sandy from the Heart of texas said...

Love the teddy bear and how sweet your childhood kitty companion. I had a kitty as I child too but no photos. :( I have kitties now too!

My post is up. I was a bit late but got it done yesterday afternoon.

From The Heart of Texas

Nancy said...

I cannot even tell you how much I can relate to your post. From the difficulty doing it to the pets to the politics. Even the older sister thing!
Anyway, I'm glad we both did it and took on the challenge. Your post is simply wonderful!
A ton of Valentine Hugs to you...


Karen Funk Blocher said...

What a lovely, personal entry, Carly. It's great to see another side of you, kind of an historical view!

Matty said...

I was a democrat early on growing up and through much of my young adult life. As time went on and I got older, my ideas, views and opinions changed. Instead of having a discussion of Palin, I would rather talk about Obama who I find just as horrifying.