Saturday, September 05, 2009

Round Robin Challenge: Politics

From For Ellipsis

"A liberal is a man or woman or child who looks forward to a better day, a more tranquil night, and a bright, infinite future."

-Leonard Bernstein, The New York Times, October 30th 1988

**PLEASE NOTE: I know this is supposed to be a friendly little photo shoot, but this subject has become a very personal one to me. Every once in a while I need to be as open and direct as possible. This is one of those times. So, if you want to skip what I have written because you already know just how liberal I am... fine... but if you do want to read the following be forewarned... it's exactly how I feel good and bad.

From For Ellipsis

Someone asked me the other day, "How come you don't blog as much about politics as you used to? Well, there is a pretty simple answer I suppose... I find it too depressing. By the time last year's elections came around, I was about as burned out on politics as a girl can get. George Bush and DICK Cheney very nearly drained every impulse I had to to blog away regarding how I saw things. But the Sarah Palin came along, and yes, like a breath of fresh air, she inspired me once again! LOL. But let's face it, who can possibly blog about Sarah Palin every day? Especially now that she is very little more then a blogger herself. Someday, hopefully, she will finally go away, but until then we will always have Wasilla.

"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy."

-Ernest Benn

"How come we choose from just two people to run for president and 50 for Miss America?"


The likes of Sarah Palin is no big deal, but the lies of the more prominent right, and the made up politicians, is downright depressing. Obama's reaching out to the right, trying to treat them better then the Bush administration treated the democrats, but what does he get in return? "I WANT OBAMA TO FAIL!" Being shouted from the loudmouth Rush Limbaugh, and the sentiment being screamed by rabid TEABAGGERS (Isn't that term hilarious) who are likewise determined to see failure where reform should be. Life in the United States has been turned into a game of Trivial Pursuit.

Lies on top of lies. MANDATED SEX CHANGES. DEATH PANELS. OBAMA IS A SOCIALIST. OBAMA IS A NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN. A FALSE CLAIM THAT AS MANY AS 300,00 WOMEN WITH BREAST CANCER COULD DIE IF HEALTH CARE LEGISLATION GOES THROUGH. I could go on, but why? What would that serve? I will say this, when I think back on the summer of 2009, I will always think of it as the SUMMER OF LIES AND INACTION. The summer we let the train go off the tracks.

Obama was not my first choice for president. Hillary Clinton was. I decided when she endorsed Obama, I would do my best to find the positive in it. I like Obama. He is a fantastic orator. He is compassionate... to a fault, and he genuinely cares more about America then he does himself. He can say when he has been wrong or made a mistake. He is a good man, and I tried to see the good he has done since he took office, such as reversing George Bush's policy on stem cell research, but my HOPE is fading fast. HE IS ON THE VERGE OF LETTING US DOWN when it comes to health care, and he is deliberately turning his back on the war crimes of the Bush administration. I voted for Obama to see an end to the tyranny, not to turn our heads and look away because it is too horrific to comprehend. Want to see horrific?


From For Ellipsis

The lies that caused the unnecessary deaths of over 5,000 service people in Iraq will never be answered for, nor will the subsequent torture authorized and carried out by our own government. Obama wants to forget it and move on, I want to see us actually repair the damage we have done by demonstrating to the world that at least some Americans know the difference between right and wrong and what is just. I am afraid until we face what has been done, we will never be able to repair the damage done.

From For Ellipsis

I take it back, Obama isn't on the verge of letting us down...OBAMA IS LETTING US DOWN! Those of us who voted for him because we believed him when he said that real change would happen, are beginning to feel an unbelievable sense of despair. Speaking as one of those people, I feel lied to. As things are now, I don't see myself voting for him again. I don't think he is a leader I can believe in. If something changes, then I could see myself changing my mind, but unfortunately I think we will have to endure the next 3 1/2 years of the republican party's lies and thug tactics. The one piece of good news is that apparently Nancy Pelosi has grown a pair and told him that without a public option on health care, no bill for health care will happen. It's about damn time someone stood up and said ENOUGH!

From For Ellipsis

What kind of person makes those things their priority?


"If we got one-tenth of what was promised to us in these acceptance speeches there wouldn't be any inducement to go to heaven."

-Will Rogers

Obama needs to stop reaching out to the right, and just plain do what's right! Do me a favor, no matter how you feel about things, don't let anyone lie to you. Do your own research and find out the straight information. Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and some of our elected officials have an agenda all their own, find out the truth for yourself. is a good place to start.

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Margaret said...

You have taken some very emotional photographs to share for this topic. While we have very different viewpoints, your photos do a beautiful job reflecting how you feel.

Your kittens are adorable!!!

Nature's Sound said...


Not that there were better choices and of course my political views differ from your anyway but I think his true colors are showing because as the saying goes, "the truth will always come to light."


However, for the record I still think you're fantastic because I do believe your heart is in the right place and cuz you have such adorable kitties and they can't lie about how inherently good their Mommie is, and it takes a good egg to know a good egg!


Sorry you're so disappointed. OBackarama had ya'll fooled :( me thinks.

Suzanne R said...

I guess I'm one of the naive but I still believe in Obama. It's good to get your opinion, though. Great pics, too.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I personally think Obama is flawed in his overemphasis on "Can't we all just get along?" That's my basic attitude, but it doesn't work when the other side doesn't act in good faith, or when appeasement trumps principle as with the unwillingness to prosecute war crimes. Nevertheless he's a;ready accomplished a lot with the stimulus package, and I think we may yet win on health care. And he's surely trying! He's not perfect, but who is?