Monday, January 05, 2009

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #19: Nap Time

"What a better world it would be if we all, the whole world, had cookies and milk at about three o'clock every afternoon, and then lay down on our blankets for a nap."

-Barbara Jordan, quoting Robert Fulghum, in 1987, at Middlebury College


Does anything feel better then a nice refreshing nap in the middle of the day? It feels especially nice on a cold winter day, so, here is your photography assignment for this week. Photograph what NAP TIME means to you! Do you have a favorite place to take a quick NAP? Does someone who lives with you take NAPS? If so, photograph them, with their permission of course, NAPPING away. How about your pets? My cats love a good NAP, maybe yours does too. If so, photograph them in mid-snore. Where do you NAP? Couch, bed or recliner... it's all good! Show me where you NAP! This week it is all about NAP TIME.

Extra Credit: Show me a favorite blanket, comforter, afghan, throw or pillow that is essential to your NAP TIME routine!


You have until next Sunday evening, at 9:00 PM ET to get your photo, post it to your blog, journal, or website, and then comeback here and leave me the direct link. Remember folks, I cannot accept hyperlinks. You can leave a hyperlink in addition to your full link, but you must remember to also leave me the full link back to the entry that is specific to this week's photo shoot assignment! Also, please include a link back here so other folks can find the assignment and play along as well. :)

Linking List for EMPS #18: Watching The Clock. 12/29/2008


1. Em Dy

2. Sherrie

3. Karen

4. Suzanne

5. Jama

6. Terri

7. Liz

8. Judi

9. Vicki

10. Wammy

We saw some gorgeous time pieces this week! Thanks for participating everyone!

Go Be Photographers! See you next Monday with an all new Photo Shoot Assignment!



emmapeelDallas said...

Another great topic! My son and his girlfriend fly back to AZ tomorrow, and rather than go back to work, I wish I could stay home and NAP! :)

Here's my entry, Carly:

Liz said...

My entry is snoozing at

Suzanne R said...

It's getting a little bit close to my nap time, and so my entry is ready at:

Karen Funk Blocher said...

There was a day's delay due to a lack of canine cooperation, but here's the finished entry:

Love the lion shot! :)


Em Dy said...

Now I know why it's called cat nap!

Nature's Sound said...

I was going to say something silly like that Dylan sure did get big fast. lol.

looking forward to the bad kitty pictures.

Linda's World said...

Great topic Carly. Here's my entry;

Linda in soggy, wet Washington state

Laura said...

Here's my entry:

This was an interesting challenge!

Em Dy said...

Hi Carly. Here's the link to my entry:

Thanks for hosting!

Terri said...

Naps R Us.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Here is a baby napping!
Far Side of Fifty Photos

Mike said...

I'm back! Here's a few places I like to nap. And one of my dog resting.