Sunday, January 04, 2009

2 Good 2 B True

"Laws control the lesser man... Right conduct controls the greater one."

-Mark Twain

As of January 1st, 2009, it is no longer lawful to text message while driving, here in California. Last July a law went into effect that said that you must use only a hands free method while talking on your cell phone, so I am assuming that the specifics of text messaging weren't written into the law concerning cell phone use, and that's why there was a delay in putting into place a law specifically concerning texting. But when you think about it, shouldn't that have been covered in the original law, under the words, HANDS FREE DEVICE ONLY? Strange. Very Strange. I saw on my local news, that the hands free law is being broken right and left anyway, because the fine doesn't really amount to much, and there is at least a bit of resistance to new law. I love the excuses folks have been coming up with, when stopped by a CHP officer...

1. My dog ate my Bluetooth.

2. I have an ear ache.

3. People look at me funny.

4. My mother is hard of hearing, and she can't hear me very well when I use this thing.

5. The battery isn't working.

6. I can't hear my stereo as well.

7. Honestly officer, I just lost my Bluetooth out my window, like 5 minutes ago!

8. Law? What law?

I like driving, and yes, sometimes I like talking on my cell phone, while I drive. That's why I bought the phone. I hated the fact that I had to go out and purchase a device that made the whole experience hands free, because I can actually talk, and drive at the same time, and it felt a lot like I was being punished in a way, for the actions of other's who couldn't. But I was a good girl, and I went along with the law, but sometimes it seems like I am the only Schmuck who does. Just the other day I counted 5 cars, with folks behind the wheel, talking on their cell phones, and texting, while driving and it was not hands free. What's a girl to do?

Well, I mind my own business and daydream about laws, regulations and or officialness I would like to see on the books...

1. There must be a major tax exemption for anyone who owns a pet! If you own two, then you get even more money back.

2. If you annoy the majority of people, in at least one national poll, then you have to go away. Not die mind you, just slink back into the woodwork from which you came. So long Joe The Plumber! Goodbye Sarah Palin. You're outta here George W. Bush! Oh yeah, that's right, you're outta here anyway! (SMILE)

3. No more 4 years for a president. National elections should be held once a year. You have one full week to cast your vote, with April 15th being the deadline.

4. You should be able to surrender your pet at a firehouse, or police station or pet hospital, no questions asked. Folks are living in dire times, and pets are being abandoned along with the houses being foreclosed on. It's tragic.

5. Every third Thursday of the month, everyone needs to just stop whatever they are doing at 1:00 PM, take a death cleansing breath, and just shut the hell up for 5 minutes!

6. Smoking comes with a license. The $10.00 cost of the license goes directly to the American Cancer Society. Hopefully it would inspire folks to try to quit, and actually help curb underage smoking. Doesn't it just break your heart when you see a kid of 14, or so, smoking?

7. Chocolate really does need to be the official national food! Dark chocolate is actually good for you!

8. One night a week should be Television Classics night on at least one network. All wonderful old classic shows. I Love Lucy, Burns & Allen, The Phil Silvers Show, Our Miss Brooks. There are a lot to choose from.

What do you think? Are my dream laws for the birds, or is there one there you like? What fantasy law would you like to see on the books for 2010? Would it be a fun law, or a serious one? Share your ideas with me.

"Life Goes On"
Berkeley, California
April 20th, 2005


gwenlyn said...

#5 is my favorite, but why only once a month? Once everyday! Great list. I'll try this making a list...

Florinda said...

The no-texting-while-driving law shouldn't be necessary, but apparently it is. Good luck trying to enforce common sense, though, you know?

I would definitely vote for law #5 :-).

Hope your New Year is starting out well, Carly!

Jama said...

We have the similar law here in Singapore, have to use the hands free device when driving, and it's included no texting too. It's a big amount to pay for the fine, a very good deterrent when it hurts the pocket more.
I like your #5, but 5 minutes is too short! lol

fdtate said...

There shouldn't have to be a law for texting while driving. The police should be able to pull you over and give you a ticket just for being an idiot.

As far as your new laws, I don't care too much for #3. It seems like the elections are too close together as it is. There are already politicians gearing up for their 2012 runs. But I love #5. In fact, why do this once a month? Let's make it daily or at least weekly.