Sunday, January 25, 2009

Be Like A Duck

"Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but paddling like the dickens underneath."

-Michael Caine

A couple weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night with a name in my head. It wasn't someone I knew personally, but it was familiar all the same. Just who was this Evelyn Boosby person, and why was I thinking about her? I thought and thought about it all day and most of that night. Finally, in a fit of, well, a fit, I broke down and asked Alan if he knew who she was.

"No, never heard of her." Said he. "Could she maybe be an old school teacher?" Hmm... an old school teacher huh? I contemplated his suggestion for an hour or so, but in the end I dismissed it. I couldn't remember the names of every teacher I had ever studied under, but I knew for certain none of them were ever named Evelyn Boosby. Who is this Evelyn Boosby anyway?

I went about my business the next few days, with only intermittent harassment by Evelyn Boosby. I had a lot to do with the kitties, and getting the last of the Christmas decorations put away. I always procrastinate on taking Christmas decorations down. I miss the holiday when it is gone so much. The lights, the decorations, the anticipation of what might be in that cute little box under the tree. Plus, cats are especially fun around the holidays. Cat people know that's true... right cat people? LOL. The other reason for procrastination is the pain in my shoulder, the one I have had since I pulled my rotator cuff a couple years ago. But put Christmas away I did, but I also went for a new Xray of my right shoulder. Yep, that pain is indeed arthritis. Fine. Now I have it in both knees and my right shoulder. Fine.

More then likely it was the direct fault of this Evelyn Boosby person! Ok. Full stop. I am now beginning to blame my arthritis on someone, who I am not sure I have ever even met, who for the time being anyway only lives in my brain. Time to track this person down, but where to start? Fortunately for me I have the entire Internet, right at my fingertips. I will consult GOOGLE. Not one single listing for an Evelyn Boosby huh? What to do, what to do.

Well, what do I know about her? Well, she lives in my brain. Does her name ring any other bells? Yes, Ryan O' Neal comes to mind. Fine, I will GOOGLE Ryan O' Neal. Wait a minute... Ryan O'Neal? LOL. Well, I viewed about 5 different sights, including Wikipedia, and it shed no light on Evelyn Boosby at all. Nada. Nothing. Sigh. Hmmm... could she be a character from an old TV show?

I hopped on over to and began searching all the old TV shows currently showing on TV Land. See, I usually fall asleep to those old shows on Sunday and Monday nights, when Alan is working. I know, falling asleep with the TV on is not the best idea, but it's creepy around here sometimes and it's nice to have a little background noise as I drift off. On the other hand, could this be why I have this person's name in my head.

Ummm... yep. It turns out the name is actually Evelyn Boothby, and she was a character Wally Cleaver dated on an episode of "Leave It To Beaver." Holy cow! I have been walking around with the name of an ex-girlfriend of Wally Cleaver in my brain. Yes, going to sleep with the TV set to TV Land is a bad thing. LOL. Maybe I should try the music channels or a nice cooking channel or something. LOL. Of course then I run the risk of waking up with an uncontrollable urge to make sushi or something. Not that Alan would complain. LOL. Oh well, anyway, the mystery is solved. And ooh... a bonus... Ryan O' Neal was in the episode! So how cool is that?

Strange. Very Strange.


Leave It To Beaver
Season 5
Episode 1
First Aired 9/30/1961
Rated 9.1
"Wally Goes Steady"
Mary Mitchell as Evelyn Boothby

"Toy of Toys"
Berkeley, California
January 25th, 2009


Everycat said...

Hello Carly, Hendrix & Dylan.

Human brains are so odd, what they pick up, what they drop. We recommend having cats sleep on your head whenever a human nap is due - felines will ensure that nothing will get into that ape brain. The purring forms a shield see!

*whaps some catnip mice over to Hendrix & Dylan*

Whicky Wuudler et al

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Heh. And I spent a few minutes this morning trying to figure out what John bought for $550 without consulting me - in a dream! Best I can figure, it was a gigantic electric pillow. That can;t b right, can it?