Friday, December 12, 2008

The Day After December 10th And Other Tales Of The City

"The trouble with practical jokes is that very often they get elected."

-Will Rogers

Yesterday, as you know, was the day after December 10th. Which for most folks means it was just another day on the calendar, but in our house, it means the day after whatever strange event more then likely visited us the day before. If you read my last entry, then you know December 10th is a cursed day in the universe for us. Something something really bad happens, sometimes it is something amusing, but it is never, ever uneventful... and this year's December 10th was no exception.

This year's events could best be described as a cosmic practical joke. It went like this. Alan needs a special set of licences for the job he does. His everyday license plus some assorted endorsements. About 3 weeks ago, he got a renewal in the mail for them, and he put the letter on the bulletin board for taking care of later. His birthday isn't for another month, so he thought he had plenty of time to take care of it. on Wednesday night, we sat down to play a game of Skip-o and celebrate what we thought had been an uneventful December 10th, when he decided to take a closer look at the letter from the DMV. As he read he turned white as a sheet. As it turns out, the letter said in very small writing that one of the endorsements he needed would be from a division of Homeland Security.

????what? And on top of it, it had to be approved by no later then... you guessed it... December 10th! In that it was nearly 10 PM on that very day, Alan began to panic. Would he lose his job? Would he be demoted? What the heck are we going to do! And on top of everything, the cost of all the licenses and the various fees would add up to well over $100. Not a huge amount, if you happen to have it, but his check, which was due on December 10th, of course didn't make it into the bank that day! LOL. We were really nervous. He checked and checked again, it indeed said it had to be renewed no later than... December 10th!

"Carly, I read that notice about 5 times when it came, I never saw that part." He was beside himself, and so was I. Another odd thing was that he had never been asked to be cleared by HS before, which wasn't a problem on it's own, but really strange all the same. But things have change quickly in this country, so maybe it was a new thing. What to do, what to do? So, we went to bed, and he set the clock so that he could be at the DMV the next day pronto.

He was home before 9:00 AM. As it turned out, that portion of the form didn't apply to him, because one of the license covers that part of the requirements all on it's own. As for the rest of the endorsements, it was all done and in time, and the grand total for everything was $35. And when he called the bank, the check was there, so we are all set and doing just fine. LOL. What a difference a day makes! LOL. After he got home, we decided to go out and enjoy the day, and have a good laugh on the cosmic practical joke that is December 10th.

We went for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory in Union Square, and did some shopping for Christmas. We were going to go earlier in the week, but decided to wait until later in the week, so yesterday was a perfect day. Well, almost. While we were seated out our favorite little outdoor cafe, drinking our hot chocolate and cappuccino, a later sat down a couple tables away. She was dressed in a nice red wool coat and had on a ton of jewelry, but something just didn't seem quite right. After a few moments she put her head down, and began to lose her cookies... right there... barf, barf, barf. LOL. Holy Toledo. I have never seen someone that well off, that drunk, that early in the day. At first I thought she had spilled her drink, but then I realized they don't make drinks that color! Somehow the ice skaters a few feet away, no longer seemed all that charming~ LOL.

Alan and I got up, and went for a walk. LOL. Maiden Lane was a much nicer place at that moment, and who doesn't enjoy a brisk walk in the December sun? As gross as it was, there was some humor in it as well. While I am sorry for the woman, and whatever is hurting her so bad that she felt the need to get absolutely drunk that early in the day, it was, to us, one more shot from the evil elf of December 10th, and one more practical joke for the road. Alan and I don't just go shopping, we have adventures, and that was just one more. We could let it ruin the whole day, or we would just chalk it up to the curse. Right? We decided to not let it affect the rest of our day.

I thought about that lady most of the day yesterday. On a serious note, I think she was very symptomatic of how harsh this time of year is for most folks, this year more then others. Next year, I fear, might be even worse, unless Obama can help change things around. As scary as my December 10th was, I wondered if that lady might have lost a job the day before? Or maybe she lost everything she ever worked for in the recent downturns of the Stock Market? Or the scariest of all, maybe she had recently lost her home? Or maybe she just felt the disconnect that sometimes comes with the holidays. I don't know. Wherever she is, I hope she is better now. Sigh.



Martha said...

I feel sorry for that poor woman too. IT sounds like it's always interesting on December 10th for you! In my case it's all things 11, not a specific day. All the really great things and the really bad things seem to have that number attached somehow - could be by the date, time or something else. It's weird just like your day!

Suzanne R said...

I'm beginning to think that Dec. 12 is perhaps a day like that. 12 years ago (there's that number 12 again), I lost power for 3 days due to a windstorm that occurred that day. Today I lost power for a few hours, but the day and the storminess isn't over yet. Plus the next few days have a wintry mix of rain and snow and very cold temperatures forecast, which makes me very nervous. (Perhaps it's best not to get me started! LOL!) Anyway, not as weird as your 10th and 11th, or as consistent, but your attitude was good. I'm sure glad that Homeland Security thing turned out to be nothing for Alan, BTW!


Vicki said...

Love this post. September 16th was my husbands bad luck day. Bad as in members of his family needing emergency surgery for gall bladder, bug bites, broken necks and on and on, a few even died on that day. So when we were thinking of a day to get married, he says to me "Sept. 16th has been a curse for this family since 1972. Let's get married on that day and maybe bad things will stop happening on it." So we did, and nothing bad has happened on that day since. That was 1988, 21 yrs ago.