Monday, September 15, 2008

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #3: Cheese Please!

"Many's the long night I've dreamed of cheese, toasted mostly."

-Robert Louis Stevenson

EMPS #3: Cheese Please! NOW CLOSED!
For this week's photo shoot assignment, I thought it would be fun to get creative with one of my favorite things... CHEESE! There are literally, hundreds of different kinds of cheese, and I am pretty sure I love them all, so this week, it's all about CHEESE PLEASE!

**After you post your photo shoot entry, come back here and leave me the direct link to your entry. NO HYPERLINKS PLEASE!

**Please check your link carefully. Keep in mind, that it is your responsibility to submit your link information correctly. The link you leave me, is the link I will post!

**You have until 9:00 PM Eastern time next Sunday to submit your entry. After that time this challenge will be closed!

LINKING LIST FOR EMPS #2: "Water In Motion" 9/8/08


1. Karen, shares a fond memory of her dog, Tuffy, playing "The Water Game" with a garden hose.

2. Greg, photographed water moving majestically in a stream.

3. T.J., gets artistic with droplets of water, while keeping up with her grandson.

4. Vicki, was "making a splash" with waves she photographed while out on her boat.

5. Steven, paid a visit to Longwood Gardens, and shows us water coming from a birdbath, that looks like a silver ribbons.

6. Jama, takes us back to the beach!

7. Ahh... Laura brings us water from a faucet. "Drip Drop, Drip Drop."

8. Sandcastle Momma, shows us a series of photos featuring some serious waves, and one in particular seems to be chasing a Heron.

9. Martha, displays three scenes of water in motion, one by way of a waterfall, and two at the beach!

10. Tammy posted two photographs of her favorite decorative sprinkler in her garden. Beautiful!

You guys submitted some really great photos this week, I enjoyed them very much. Now, as I said last week... "I am ready to see more!" GO BE PHOTOGRAPHERS, GO GET THE PHOTO, and I will see you back here on Ellipsis in one week with a brand new EMPS assignment!

Photo Tip #3: Look For Lines
Use shadows and natural lighting to create interesting lines within your photos.



Karen Funk Blocher said...

The dogs loved this particular shoot, because I sent through three Babybel minicheeses trying to get them and the cheese in the same photos!

Wammy said...

I'm finally in again late this week. I might be able to finally get this down.

Wammy said...

The Ellis Family Cincinnati

Martha said...

My "Cheese Please" is posted :-)