Sunday, September 14, 2008

And The Emmy Goes To...

"To refuse awards is another way of accepting them with more noise than is normal."

-Peter Ustinov

Well, one week from tonight I will put on my high heels, my one evening dress, and I will pop some Pizza Rolls in the oven, then settle in to watch the 60th annual Emmy Awards. I miss the days of my friend June holding her silly awards parties. She didn't always hold an Emmy Award party, but she never missed the Academy Awards... not ever! I thought about holding a shindig, but in the end, I thought it would be fun to just watch the show with my favorite date, Elvis. Alan has to work, so it is just me and my elegant little friend for the evening. That's ok, how many ladies can say that they will be dining with a man in a tuxedo next Sunday night? Tee Hee. My boy never let's me down!

As for the show itself, I must admit to being somewhat bored in recent years. I think if asked to name my favorite moment from past shows, I would have to go all the way back to 2001, when Ellen DeGeneres hosted it, right after the terrorist strike on 9/11. She made me laugh... and laugh... and laugh again. We all needed that, but I haven't been really, truly entertained since then. Am I being too critical? Have you enjoyed the Emmy's the last few years? If so, sing out in the comments, tell me what you think!

As for the nominees this year, I am a bit amazed that more awards weren't offered to what I consider the best new show of the year last year, Pushing Daisies. It was new, creative, and beautifully filmed. Unfortunately, I think it was lost a good bit when the writer's strike hit, as were many other shows I think should have gotten a nod, such as Private Practice, and Big Bang Theory. As for the reality catagory, how could they have possibly overlooked, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, or Hell's Kitchen? Sigh. The unfairness of it all! :)

So tell me, in the following categories, who will you be rooting for? Here are my Picks...

Outstanding Comedy Series

30 Rock
Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Office
Two And A Half Men - X

Outstanding Drama Series

Boston Legal
Lost - X
Mad Men

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series

Alec Baldwin (30 Rock)
Tony Shalhoub (Monk)
Steve Carrell (The Office)
Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies) - X
Charlie Sheen (Two And A Half Men)

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series

James Spader (Boston Legal) - X
Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad)
Michael C. Hall (Dexter)
Hugh Laurie (House)
Gabriel Byrne (In Treatment)
Jon Hamm (Mad Men)

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series

Tina Fey (30 Rock) - X
Julie Louie-Dreyfus (New Adventures Of Old Christine)
Christina Applegate (Samantha Who?)
America Ferrera (Ugly Betty)
Mary-Louise Parker (Weeds)

Outstanding Actress In A Drama Series

Sall Field (Brothers And Sisters) - X
Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer)
Glenn Close (Damages)
Mariska Hargitay (Law And Order: SVU)
Holly Hunter (Saving Grace)

Outstanding Variety, Music Or Comedy Series

The Colbert Report
The Daily Show with John Stewart
Late Show with David Letterman - X
Real Time with Bill Maher
Saturday Night Live

Outstanding Reality Program

Antiques Roadshow
Dirty Jobs
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List - X

Outstanding Reality Competition Program

The Amazing Race
American Idol
Dancing With The Stars - X
Project Runway
Top Chef

Outstanding Made For Television Movie

Bernard and Doris
Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale
The Memory Keeper's Daughter
A Raisin In The Sun
Recount - X

So tell me, what do you think? Will this be a good year for the Emmy Awards? Are your favorites among the contenders? If so, who are you rooting for? Will you be watching the show with me, or do you just hate awards shows? Tell me everything!


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Karen Funk Blocher said...

Gee, I don't watch ANY of those shows except Pushing Daisies! Where is House?