Monday, August 11, 2008

California Budget Crisis Update: Monday, August 11th

"Budget: A mathematical confirmation of your suspicions."

-A.A. Latimer


Well, just to bring you all up to date about the stalemate going on with the California budget, as of this afternoon, Governor Schwarzenegger has filed a lawsuit against the state controller, John Chiang, for refusing to comply with the executive order he signed last week, lowering the pay of approximately 200,00 state workers. Schwarzenegger gave Chiang until noon today, to give him a time frame on how long it would take to convert the current pay system to the new enacted pay scale for state workers to $6.55 per hour and $11.38 for supervisors. This afternoon, Chiang sent the governor a three page memo, asking for an extension until this Friday, so that he could deliver a more thorough report, but Schwarzenegger made good in his threat to sue, and the lawsuit was filed. The really frustrating part is that Chiang informed the governor, that as of the end of July, the budget still had approximately $10.1 billion in unused, borrowable resources that the state could use to meet it's bills, including the payroll.

:( I will continue to keep you updated, as I learn anything new. If you would like to call Governor Schwarzenegger, to tell him what you think of the budget crisis, here is his number...


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Schwarzenegger To Sue Over Pay Cuts

Chiang's Full July Cash Flow Statement

Summary Analysis

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