Saturday, June 28, 2008

Round Robin Challenge: Weeds Can Be Beautiful Too!

"We have a choice: to plow new ground, or let the weeds grow."

-Jonathan Westover

If all weeds could be this beautiful, I think I just might be tempted to let the grow! LOL. This edition of the RRC comes to us from Kim, who authors the blog, "Nekked Lizard Adventures." Her idea was for us to showcase the softer side of weeds, by showing off their unusual beauty. For some reason, weeds have been catching my photographer's eye the last couple of summers. The way they look so soft against the backdrop of the ocean, and also the way they can appear when they grow among wildflowers. Like somehow they are saying, "Hey, we have our place you know, we have an earthly beauty that stands out, if you just take a moment to really see us." One day I took that moment, and now I am fascinated by them. I love photographing them. Great idea for the challenge Kim!

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See... I saved some open places. They are just waiting for you to play along too. There is still time! Just hop on over to the official Round Robin blog and leave your information to play along with this challenge! Come on... you know you want to!

NOTE: Tomorrow is my birthday, but I am having my birthday dinner tonight. I will be updating and visiting your blogs until 4:00 PM today, and then I am will be gone. If you post after that time I will be by either late tonight or sometime tomorrow! See ya soon!


Jama said...

They sure are beautiful!

Molly said...

Your wildflower (weed) pictures are beautiful. I especially like your going-to-seed transitional series of photos. Thank you for hosting the Robin Robin Challenges. I have joined today too.

Wammy said...

This was great fun. I think I saw a thistle in a few of your shots. We have those but a little different if that is what they are. A wide range of shots to be sure! Grat job.

Anonymous said...

Your photos show beauty at its best. They are so vibrant and bursting with color.

Jennifer Robin said...

The colors in these are just lovely. Your weeds really are beautiful!

Teena in Toronto said...

Nice array of weedy plants!

I played too :)

the teach said...

Carly, these weeds, or as Molly says, wildflowers are beautiful! Thanks for hosting a real enjoyable meme, Round Robin Photo Challenges! :)

the teach said...

Carly, my Round Robin post is at Answers to the Questions

Kiva said...

Have a wonderful birthday dinner. There are so many good places in your area for dinner. I envy you.
You captured the fuzziness perfectly, but outdid yourself with the weeds at sunset. Happy birthday tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Those are all fantastic! I think I like the drooping sunflower? with the friendly weed in the next to last photo.

And I hear them talking too. They do indeed want some of the limelight.

MyMaracas said...

Man, you have great weeds out there on the west coast. Gorgeous photos!

gina said...

are those 1st shots thistle?? we have a lot of that around here and i think it's so pretty along the roadsides. you've done a wonderful job here capturing the favorite is that colorful field of wildflowers...looks like a painting! :)

DesLily said...

great photo's !! You have an artist's eye for sure!

Martha said...

Hi Carly! Sorry I've been gone so long again -- I just read all the way back to where I left off, the fake boob Calrice entry, LOL! Sorry too that I've been missing the photo challenges, thought I'd be back by now, but now my camera is having some major issues :-(
Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Hugs!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Oh, I love those purple thistly ones! so cool! (And you know it takes a lit to get me interested in a flower!)

Family Affair Photography said...

I really love those upclose photographs of the weeds with the detail and texture. We really have to admit, that even weeds have their beauty.

Happy Belated Birthday Carly!