Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Want A Monkee And A Monkey

"Without music life would be a mistake."

-Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

I have researched all kinds of music quotes to go with my entries about my great love of music, but somehow I keep coming back to this one. It sums up how I feel about music completely. It is also how I still feel about Micky Dolenz. If you have been reading me for long, you know I have been hopelessly in love with Micky Dolenz for about... oh... 43 years or so. LOL. Some of you probably remember my great excitement a few years ago, when I got to go to one of his concerts on the beach in Santa Cruz in 2005. It made my year, and fulfilled my lifelong fantasy of finally getting to see him preform in person. He came into town, broke my curse with Santa Cruz, and hasn't been back since. And I just checked, and he is not on the list of scheduled performers for the summer concert series. So, is there a new curse? Will he ever comeback? Or is it actually that the curse wasn't broken, and that is why he hasn't been back since? LOL. Micky... I miss you!

Give me your opinion. Will Micky ever comeback to Santa Cruz? Do you have a favorite Monkee? And what type of animal monkey is your favorite. Personally, I love chimpanzees. I would own one if I could. How about you? Would you prefer a monkee or a monkey?

The Monkees



DesLily said...

I dunno if he will do more shows in your area or not.. I do know he's discovered "autograph shows" and is making some good bucks doing those... (he was at the last autograph show I went to.. had a constant line!)

Rachael said...

You sound like me, I been a fan of the group and Micky for 40 yrs too, lol. I live in the midwest, seen them in concert minus Peter in '69.......then all the way to '01 when I seen them minus Mike....seen Micky a couple of times since then.....I'd say sooner or later he'll perform in your area, keep checking the tour dates and good luck!
Heh, and even your reference to having a pet chimp....same here, lol. I have said for years that I think it would be neat to have one.

fdtate said...

Yes, Virginia...uh, Carly, I too have a favorite Monkee. I've used this week's edition of my Monday Music thingy to tell you why I like Mike.