Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Adventures With Purchasing A Pushy-Sucky

"Our house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy."


Vacuums are a fact of life, especially if you own a pet. I love my kitty, but another fact of life is that cats shed, and lately Elvis has had some problems with agitation, due to some mean aggressive fleas, and that has equaled enough excess cat hair that I am thinking of either knitting a new cat, or making a toupee for Elvis to cover his bald spots. LOL. Poor kitty. Poor Mommy. LOL. Poor Alan! LOL.

I have a small, sweeper type vacuum that I had used for years. It works well, since we don't have a lot of carpet space, but the problem with the small sweepers is that they don't last forever, and they can't handle the bigger jobs that come up with much efficiency, so, it was time to get a newer model with a little more lift power.

That's how I spent my Wednesday, shopping for a new vacuum. Alan and I went to both Wal-Mart and Target to do a little research. Lot's of models to choose from, even those cute little robots. I liked the idea of one of those, but Alan thought that it might scare Elvis. He has never been able to tolerate loud noises too well, so, we decided against the cutting edge in home maintenance, and instead we concentrated on the more traditional vacuums.

After looking through about 100, at least it felt like 100, we narrowed it down to the ones you see below. There was a really pretty one, which cost several hundred dollars. Sigh. Alan quickly said "no." LOL. How come vacuum manufacturers can't make a pink model in a more reasonable price? I mean, I am the one who is going to see if most often. You know? Yes, I know, the color isn't the most important feature to consider when purchasing an appliance, but heck, do they have to look so guy-friendly?

Anyway, we finally decided on the Dirt Devil Purpose for Pets upright vacuum, in a lovely shade of slate blue! :) It is especially rated for dealing with pet hair, and actually has a pet brush attachment. I love the super long cord, and as I used it this morning, I was pleased with it's suction power. It seems we found the right one for us. The only thing I am not crazy about... there is a picture of a puppy on the canister of the machine. I think this is discrimination against felines. I think I might need to add a photo of Elvis to the vacuum, after all, he is why we bought it in the first place! LOL.

Oooh... a Robot!

Yummy, good price, and it reminds me of limes. But... nah.

Nope, I love the cranberry color, but it's not quite right.

Yep, that's the one!

My Dirt Devil's Baby Picture

So tell me, what kind of vacuum do you own? When did you buy your last one? What was most important to you when you made your purchase? Price, Color, Dirt Elimination Ratings, Upright vs. Tank. What is the next home maintenance appliance you are considering buying? Do you do some research before purchasing? Tell me all about it!

Emeryville, California
May 21st, 2008
Late Afternoon


Florinda said...

My husband does the vacuuming, so I try not to know much about it :-). He's got one of those bagless ones, and would really like to trade up to a Dyson if we can afford it when it's time for a new one. But I may have to steer him to at least look at the one you got; our dog is a hair factory.

fdtate said...

A pushy-sucky? That's a new one on me. :)