Friday, April 25, 2008

Living In The Moments

"Our task must be to free ourselves... by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and it's beauty."

-Albert Einstein

First of all... thank you. Your emails and comments about Elvis have been a tremendous comfort to Alan and I.

We have an wonderful young man, goofy and smart, silly and kind, determined and stubborn, handsome and charismatic. Besides Alan and I, his great loves are food, slightly slutty women, hats and stuffed animals. His favorite animal is the opossum, and his favorite color is green. He likes long naps, especially if I put on some classical music, and he growls when he sees George Bush on TV! LOL. I have seen this guy do things that are nothing short of astounding. Like the time he sat in the yard watching birds fly in and out of the lemon tree, and after a little while, I saw that he had climbed into the tree, settled down on a particular branch, where he sat with his mouth wide open... apparently reasoning to himself, that if he sat there long enough, a bird would fly into his mouth! LOL. True story.

That is just one of the times we are smiling about, as we get ready to say goodbye. If he were writing this blog, I know he would say to everyone... "don't be sad. Please." Elvis wasn't a sad cat, he loved pulling pranks to make us laugh. Do you remember the time when he convinced Alan that there was some dire need to be let outdoors? Well, Alan and I had just sat down to eat lunch of corned beef sandwiches, when Elvis began to whine, and scratch and claw at the door. Alan took one bit of his lunch and then got up to let him out. Elvis waited for him to get the door open, then bolted under Alan's feet making a b-line to Alan's chair, and up to the table. And I swear... he was laughing! LOL. He got to Alan's sandwich, never took any, but he made his point. He is smarter then us, and many, many times, he has proven it!

Everyone who loves a pet, believes they have the best little friend on earth. The smartest kitty, or the most intelligent dog, and they are probably right, but Elvis is my hero. He has been nothing but sheer joy, making us laugh every single day we have had him. I believe he was made of pure love. To me, it's like he doesn't just know what love is HE IS LOVE!

Alan and I are pet people. I know we will have another friend one day. We will need a little time to heal from losing Elvis, and we have a time frame that seems about right. In truth, we both know that it will never heal completely, but we will be ready for a new friend at some point. I can see a lot of light in that fact alone. For now, there is a lot of life in our house, and we are doing our best to do our normal routines. I will continue to post here, you know me, I have an opinion about everything! LOL. So please keep coming back! Elvis is having a birthday this coming week, and I have already chosen the theme, so, I will be posting a lot of photos of the fun. His life is to be celebrated. So stay tuned! There's much more to come!

"Elvis As Art"
Berkeley, California
April 24, 2008


Mike said...

I'm sorry to hear about Elvis. We lost our dog back in Sept. to cancer. Up until that time I didn't think I'd miss a pet. That was because I never had one growing up; I didn't know better. The spirit of Elvis will live on in your house. I never thought I'd say that and not be at Graceland. :)

Martha said...

As soon as I stop crying I'll pop a cold one and celebrate the life of Elvis, Give your baby a special hug from Aunt Martha -- and more hugs to you too Carly.

Anonymous said...

Carly -
I'm just in shock to read about Elvis' illness. I've been down the cancer path with two of my dogs, and I know how hard it is to come to grips with this news.

But look at you and Alan...jumping right in to celebrating all that Elvis is and making this time of his life as positive and meaningful for all three of you as you possibly can. Rather than fall into grief prematurely, you will be busy making these last precious memories the best they can be. It is a real tribute to Elvis, and a statement about how important you all are to each other.

Our pets are love and goodness in it's truest form. Aren't we lucky to have that? They really are such a blessing.

If only every animal had a family like yours. If only every family had an Elvis.

My love to you all.....