Saturday, February 09, 2008

Round Robin Challenge: Eat Your Vegetables!

"Sex is good, but not as good as fresh, sweet corn."

-Garrison Keillor

Mmmm... veggies. Pretty to look at, easy and fun to grow, delicious to eat, healthy for the body, oh so very photogenic! If you have known me long, you know how much I love my veggies. I like to cook, and I have come up with a number of recipes that even to most veggie avoiding person would enjoy. Tall tale you say? Well, how does Vegetable Lasagna sound? How about Rainbow Stuffed Peppers? Maybe you would like my Vegetable Pizza ALA Carly. That's what you are looking at above. Low-calorie, heart healthy, and really yummy! In our house, vegetables ROCK! Don't forget, February is Heart Health Awareness month! So, EAT YOUR VEGETABLES! :)

Our fellow Robin Jill, who authors the blog, Letting Crazy Take A Spin, suggested this challenge recently. We are always looking for cool new challenge ideas, so come on, what are you waiting for? Put on your thinking caps and send us your suggestions. If we chose your idea, you will get full credit, and a special link for that challenge.:) For now, show your support for your fellow Robins by paying them a visit and seeing their veggie themed entries. And don't forget that the next challenge will be announced tomorrow, so be sure to look for that new entry on the official Round Robin Blog.

How I Make My Veggie Pizza

Start With The Homemade Dough

Add the yummy toppings

Bake in the oven

More yummy toppings

A different yummy pizza

And still another yummy version

Veggies... They Do A Body Good! ;)

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Berkeley, California
February 4th, 2008


MyMaracas said...

Wow, Carly, these photos are so beautiful -- and they're making me hungry! LOL Good for the heart and yummy too. What more could ya ask for?


swampy in wa said...

As Cousin Eddie would say, "That looks guh-ud." (Good with 2 syllables) This was fun. I'll have to research what the subjects have been before I suggest a topic.

Nancy said...

Wow...this is one great post all around. A fantastic photo that looks good enough to eat....and then you throw in the recipe and it's WITH MORE photos!
You rock, girl.


charish said...

Looks very good but when it comes to pizza I view it as Junk food threfore it needs to be as unheathy as possible.LOL Very neat. My kids would look at me funny if I mad them apizza with veggies.

Nekked Lizard Lady said...

I am so impressed and my mouth is watering. Because of being allergic to wheat and gluten, I have to make a special pizza dough from rice flour and potato starch. Your veggies toppings look fantastic. And as usual, your photography is awesome! Thanks for the wonderful, colorful post!

Robinella said...

Oh My that looks delish. I haven't made homemade pizza in forever. Time to get to it!

Sandy said...

Oh, that looks good. And now I know what to do with all of those veggies left over from Carlo's dump truck!

Sandra said...

Yummy! I always thought the best way to eat veggies is on pizza! Thanks for the photos and helping me decide what I'm having for lunch!

Sandcastle Momma said...

Your photos are beautiful! And I have to say that pizza looks SO good that we'll be making some for dinner. Great job!

Suzanne R said...

It looks wonderful, although I might just add a little tiny bit of meat to mine. LOL! What a great entry and another inspiration to me to eat right!

Sandcastle Momma said...

Thanks so much for the compliment! We really had fun with this one and now I'm smiling large too!

Atypical California Girl said...

Wow. Super yummy!
And pretty, too!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Yum, indeed! If I hadn't just eaten my leftover teriyaki, I'd leave right now to try out a Lazy Karen version of Carly's pizza! Hmm. Does pizza go with asparagus?

MariesImages said...

Your blogs takes too long to load....sheeesh, got hungry waiting for it to load..Ü Your pizza looked too good! Nice shots, lovely color & lighting was perfect!

lisa marie said...

Those are some really pretty pizzas! I think i would miss the pepperoni but still, pretty!

Martha said...

Beautiful!!! We must get together and cook sometime. I love cooking and love my veggies too :-)

Janet said...

hahahah I had to laugh at the Keillor quote...that might very well be true!

That pizza looks delicious!!!