Sunday, January 27, 2008

My New Pink Glow

"Just because you are not sick, doesn't mean you are healthy."


I am a member of the OneTouch Gold community, and recently I decided to see if I qualified for a free upgrade of my diabetes monitor. I do. The upgrade they are currently offering is the OneTouch UltraMini, which now comes in colors. So, I chose, Pink Glow, for my new meter. It's a pretty color, very pink, which will be nice for spring, and it is a lot smaller then the one in the photo above, the OneTouch Ultra 2. It will be less to carry around with me. I like that because I like to have my meter with me when I go out with the camera. Every once in a while we grab a bite out, and I try to be good about checking my blood reading before and after each meal.

I know this is going to sound silly, but it is a nice little lift to my spirits to have something a little more feminine to check my blood with. The OneTouch Ultra 2 meter is wonderful, I am so glad that is the one my HMO gave me, but this new one almost feels more like a fashion accessory, then a blood glucose meter. There are some pluses to the new meter, such as it's pretty color and it's slender design, but a definite minus is the fact that it only saves 50 results as opposed to the OneTouch Ultra 2 which holds 500. Still, if all goes well at my upcoming appointment, I will get the all clear for testing less often. That's the goal anyway.

My next A1C test is coming up in a month. A month from today to be exact. And I think everything has been going really well. I am sure my test result will reflect how serious I have taken things, but still there is that dread of the unknown, random thing that could muck it all up. LOL. Actually, except for the occasional weird moments when my blood starts to drop for some unknown reason, I have been recording fairly consistent numbers. Here are what my current readings are...

All Results Average: 119 mg/dl

Before Meal Average: 97 (for the last 7 days)

Last 14 Days: 102

Last 30 Days: 104

After Meal Average: 135 (for the last 7 days)

Last 14 Days: 134

Last 30 Days: 130

Not bad. I have managed to keep it within 5 points up or down, but I keep working toward the lowest possible reading. It's work, especially when I am less active in the wintertime. Sigh. I am keeping my weight within boundaries, and I am always experimenting with new recipes. Alan gave me a nifty new cookbook for Christmas, that I highly recommend to all diabetics, Better Homes and Gardens,Simple Everyday Diabetic Meals. The recipes are easy, and a lot of fun, not to forget delicious. Tonight, for example, I am making "Egg and Potato Casserole", for dinner, and "Maple-Nut Baked Apples" for dessert. Yum. And don't forget the Fat-Free whipped topping on top. :) Perfect for a cold winter night. It's little things, like a guilt-free dessert, that makes a diabetics day a happy one! Especially if you have a sweet tooth like I do.

I have to send a BIG raspberry sound out to Starbuck's this week, for discontinuing their Light Blended Cream Base. What were they thinking? I was just telling you a couple weeks ago, about how delicious the Starbuck's Green Tea Light Blended Frappuccino was, and within a week I found out I can't get it any longer in it's light form. BOOOO! HISSSSS. Hopefully they will bring it back by this summer. I can order the regular version, but it wouldn't be the healthiest of choices. Sigh. Man, I really loved that drink... a lot! I wrote the company an email, telling them of my dissatisfaction, I will keep you updated if they respond.

While Starbuck's might have let me down, my new favorite website, Hungry Girl, hasn't. I look forward to my daily newsletter email from there. This is a great website with tons of resources and product updates. I tried the recipe for Pumpkin Pie made with a lighter crust option, and it was FABULOUS!! You don't have to be a diabetic to get a lot from this website, even if you are just working toward managing your current weight, it is a terrific place to get current, relevant information. Be sure to check it out.

February 29th is when I see my physician, both for my 4-month diabetes check, and for my annual breast exam and mammogram. Yes, I will be having my date with Mr. Squishy that day as well. I sure wish they had a different way to check my girls for aliens. LOL. (Rolling my eyes). I am thinking about calling Dr. "E" a week or so before my appointment and requesting she order my A1C prior to my visit, so we can discuss the results during my visit with her. It's a fasting test, and I would rather have it early in the day, rather then waiting all day to eat. I don't know about you, but I get downright weird when I don't eat. Yes... LOL... weirder then usual! LOL.

So tell me, if you are living with diabetes, which meter do you use? Are you happy with it, and what do you feel are it's pluses and minuses?

"My OneTouch Ultra2 Kit"
Berkeley, California
January 27th, 2008

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lisa's chaos said...

Your new meter is cute and girly and I can understand the excitement of getting a new one. :)

Good luck on your upcoming exam, tell Mr Squishy HI!