Friday, January 04, 2008

Going Dark

"Weather forecast for tonight: Dark"

-George Carlin

Well, as promised, the storm arrived! And it was on time, and get this, it is just as bad as they said it would be! If not worse. The Richmond/San Rafael Bridge is closed, there is a large amount of standing water at the toll plaza on the Bay Bridge, and all eastbound lanes of the San Mateo/Hayward Bridge are closed. There are power lines down throughout San Francisco, and debris flying across HWY 101 in San Rafael. Thunderstorms are being experienced and they will continue throughout the afternoon. Winds are upwards of 80mph in some places.

I guess you could call this the Storm of the Century for the Bay Area anyway. I was thinking about going out and doing some photos, but the news is saying to stay put, so, I think I will. My satellite is going in and out. That can't be good.I might put on my rainy day wear and walk up the hill, of course I might need a raft to get back... so wish me luck!

Click here for coverage from my local ABC affiliate KGO 7

Note: I have some thoughts about the Iowa Caucuses, and the latest Britney Spears meltdown, but I will have to get back to you. :)

Live Doppler Radar


Nekked Lizard Man said...

Wishing you luck. CA seems to be the burnt of weather chaos throughout the year, not to mention the public figures representing the celbrities now a days. We are about to get a bunch of snow in the high country - CO. NLM

MyMaracas said...

Good to hear you're weathering the storm and playing it safe. I've been thinking about you out there today. Sounds like a real mess.


Kat said...

Hi Carly,
Isn't the weather terrible. Here in Sacramento we have had wind and tree's blown down, flooding and power outages. In fact my parent's have been without power since yesterday morning at 7:15. In least today was a bit calmer.