Saturday, January 05, 2008

Rain Likely With A Good Chance For Thunderstorms

"Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes."

-Oscar Wilde

Politics And Pop Culture

Like A Spider's Web In The Rain...

Do you ever feel a little like a spider on or about New Years? What I mean is, a year begins and you spend the rest of your time either facing difficulties or happily tidying your little web in the universe. Sometimes something will land in your path. It might be something that enriches your world, or it might be something that can ruin everything. Most of the time however, you simply build and watch for rain. I made my peace with 2007, and yet I felt a little sad when it ended because I had felt like I turned the attitude I had when the year began completely around to the point I was happy. So now what?

I had finally felt in control once again. Now, it feels like I am starting all over again, because there is a New Year on the calendar. Hmmm... I guess what I am feeling comes from my inability to let go of things. "To Move On." I will work my way out of this slump again soon.I know it's just the universe playing tricks on me. Heck, my horoscope even told me as much recently. I know that usually all I need is a good day with the camera. I am going to venture out of my cottage in a couple days... sunny or not. I wonder what I will find in the elements?

Rain With A Chance Of Hail...

Sigh. This child is lost. That photo of her breaks my heart. Not because I was particularly a fan of her, but mostly because I am a woman. Yep. I am feeling a little bit maternal, as much as I would feel if this were happening to a neighbor or someone I actually knew. But I don't imagine there is much guidance in this child's world. Her mother has some problems and we will leave it at that. Being a celebrity means a little less to someone Britney's age, because she has never had to claw from the ground up.

How can the rest of us expect her to grow-up? She never had a chance the first time around. But enabling her is the wrong way to go as well. So, what to do? Well, the first step has already begun, in that the judge in the custody case between Britney and Kevin Federline, finally removed the children from her care. It's life lessons like this that bring about maturity. This young lady is starting from a place of drug abuse and alcoholism, which will make it worse, but waking up in a hospital, with the DT's and no one to stop the mental and physical pain can mature you as well. It's the rain that teaches us to seek shelter.

It's Like Thunder And Lightning The Way You Love Me Is Frightening...

Ok, Iowa had it's lessons. Thunderous lessons. Hillary Clinton had a good chance of walking away from the Iowa Caucuses the big winner. She began her campaign a year ago, and she has held most polls ever since. But now, Obama is a big threat, and surprise, so is John Edwards. I tend to look at the results with a grain of salt. There is a lot about it I can't take too seriously. Such as the Republican choice, Mike Huckabee who is a scoundrel in true Republican manner. He proved as much with that dirty little trick of his, regarding his "negative" ad. He made the ad... then decided to hold a press conference to say he wouldn't stoop to that level. Then he gave out copies, and according the, it still aired at least 10 times, on four different stations in Davenport and Cedar Rapids Iowa. It's all a lot of thunder, with no lightning in my opinion.

No matter who the chosen Republican or Democratic challengers are, there is one statistic that both parties might want to take very seriously. Who came out into the cold to vote in Iowa. Michael Moore pointed out in his newsletter, that 239,000 showed up to vote for the Democrats, while only 115,000 turned out for the Republicans. That statistic makes me smile. It gives me hope. I imagine every one of the 239,000 has had enough of the dirty tricks, the backstabbing, and the lies coming from Republicans. Are the Democratic candidates exempt from that kind of behavior? Apparently not. But I can tell you this, most American's are fed up with the lies. Most Americans are ready to see integrity brought back to the country. I have my ears open, and my mind set on what I want to hear and more importantly... see. Fair weather promises I can do without. I am a little more weather savvy then that. I don't fall for every pitch from every umbrella salesman who comes my way.

So, it's on to the New Hampshire debates. Tell me, will you watch tonight?Oooh, did you hear that? Probably not, because that big clap of thunder took place outside my window. It's raining here in the Bay Area, and it's hailing too. I like weather like this. It makes me feel alive and appreciate change. It makes me look to the future and all the sunshine coming my way. Observing politics is a lot like observing the weather. Sometimes you hear a lot of noise, that does nothing but make you feel scared and alone, while the best of days tend to go by in hopeful silence. The California primary is being held on February 5th, when is yours?

"One Fine Day"
Berkeley, California
April, 2005
Late Afternoon


fdtate said...

Hope you get some better weather soon.

The situation with Britney started out kind of funny. What new wackiness are we going to see today? Now, it's all just kind of sad. It's pretty bad when Kevin Federline is the responsible parent.

Iowa doesn't mean much, a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing, but we should know who the nominees are by Feb. 6, the day after Super Duper Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

interesting entry Carly.
I hope hat people in the debates go less Hollywood soon...

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Ha! Same date as AZ! I'd better figure out which Democrat I'm voting for!