Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Phantom Menace

"Some people are so fond of bad luck, they run half way to meet it."

-Douglas Williams

Ok, here is some additional proof that there is just something funky about December 10th! Not only did I catch the head cold from HELL, but last night, before I went to bed, I found out that I have three pieces of phantom email in my AOL mailbox. Now I know what you are thinking. AOL messes up all the time, it is probably just one more glitch. Right? Well, perhaps, but I still think it is weird that it happened on December 10th, rather than any other day this week. :)

I believe there is something about this date, and it's relation to my life, but I have never been able to figure out what or why? I successfully broke the curse of Santa Cruz a couple years ago, by attending a Micky Dolenz concert on the beach. Micky Dolenz has always brought me luck. :) But I am not sure what will ever break the Curse of December 10th. All I know is, Alan takes the day off, we shut the doors and windows, hold Elvis close to us, and hang on for dear life! LOL. Now I have one more curse to get through this year, but that one's not due until Christmas Eve. Stay tuned. :)

So tell me, do you believe in curses? How about miracles? Do you have certain days in your year that you consider to be either blessed or cursed? How many years in a row has something happened on that specific day?

"Curses And Buggy Software"
Berkeley, California
December 10th, 2007
Late Evening


Suzanne R said...

Hmmm, I don't know if I can answer your questions or not. I haven't noticed a particular pattern to events happening on certain days in my life. As for curses, I feel cursed sometimes by the religion I grew up in and that many of my family members are still in, because of the negative beliefs they have about me. I don't know if you meant blessings as people but my kids and grandkids are my blessings. A friend e-mailed me with a comment that my 5-year-old grandson made in church Sunday that was pretty profound. That has really blessed my life. So those are the things I think of right offhand.

DesLily said...

yeah, I have a cured day.. it's called "birthdays"!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I believe in miracles and curses. I like miracles better.
Hope that you are feeling better.

Phinney said...

i do believe, although nothing specific has really happened to me...just little things.

i do enjoy the phantom mail. hehe. funny.

Glenda said...

Mine was July 3rd. The very first one someone stole something very special from me, something that could only be taken once and well a few years later my husband left me on that day ... so I can relate to the curse of a certain day. 7.3 is not a favorite of mine even now, but I don't close up shop because of it AND you know, I don't really 'think' about it most of the time ... unless it turns out to have been a particularly bad day on a given year.