Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Frosty!

"Try to remember me when the cold, frosty winter sets veils of snowflakes over my cold old hair. I will remember you too."

-Mariana Fulger

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Show something frosty. A window pane, a frosty cold mug of beer, a pet coming in from the cold - if it's frosted, it's in. If it's not particulary cold where you are, or you don't have any frost laden pictures in your archives: Fake being cold. Because that would be funny.

-John Scalzi, of the blog, By The Way

What's a girl with a head cold to do? She wants to support our dear Blogfather, John Scalzi, by going out into the cold and getting a photo which perfectly illustrates something "Frosty," but she has a husband, and a cat, who have blocked the doors and windows until she is fully recovered! Well, ever the trooper she is, so she took a picture of her favorite Snowlady, and then added some magic by way of her photoshop program, to pretty accurately depict the Snowlady in the snow! Yep, the Snowlady is faking it. Yes, Yes, Yes... she is! Tee Hee. Sorry darling Blogfather... I owe ya one! :)

Berkeley, California
December 13, 2007
Late Afternoon


Anonymous said...

how cute! I have the same snowman but mine is from 2001 and instead of pink its blue! It was my "first snowman" as I'd never seen snow since I lived in Florida. My husabnd finally took pity on me and got me one.. Just last week I made my first real on though.. :)


Phinney said...

teehee your frosty snowlady is cute. we've had plenty of frosty here. send me your camera and i'll go out and take some photos for you ROFL. sigh. Big snow coming our way today and again saturday. total of 22 inches expected! ACK!!

feel better soon!!!!


Karen Funk Blocher said...

Oh, that's so cute, though. Very nicely done!