Monday, October 22, 2007

Off To Nevada

"Who is more foolish, the child who is afraid of the dark, or the man who is afraid of the light?"

-Maurice Freehill

Day 5 of the 13 Diabetic Days Of Halloween.

Well, Alan and I had a lovely Family Day. It was sunny, and warm, and when we looked out over the Pacific Ocean, we could see forever. :) As you can see, we stopped in at one of our favorite haunts, the Pigeon Point Lighthouse, which sits half way between, Half Moon Bay, and Santa Cruz, California. Earlier in the day, we hopped between 6 different pumpkin patches and farms. We purchased 9 pumpkins for cooking, and one good sized Jack 'O Lantern. It was a fun day, but a very busy one. It's going to be a very busy week coming up as well, and I am getting tired just thinking about it, but it will be a good kind of busy.

Tomorrow, we will be off to Reno, Nevada. We go there each year to kick back, and enjoy the fabulous Sierras, and the nightlife and casino's of Reno. This will be my first vacation as a newly diagnosed diabetic, and to be honest, I am a little nervous about balancing cutting loose and having fun, while keeping up with my diabetic needs. The nutritional values of restaurant foods isn't always available, and I like to keep close watch of how and what I eat. I think it will be ok, I have educated myself well on my nutritional needs, but still, I seem to be ultra aware of my new condition. Does that make sense?

The other concern I have is about Elvis. This is his first time, since he was diagnosed with diabetes, that I will be away from him. He won't be alone, he is staying with "Dr. B." He adores the "Dr. B" and the nurses at the clinic, and they are fond of him as well, so I know he won't get lonely, but as for me, well, I am a wreck! LOL. How can I possibly get any sleep, without my kitty sleeping at my feet? How can I wake up, and enjoy my day, without being touched by paw pads and kisses? He is my sunshine, and my best little friend. He is my Elvis. :)

You don't know what being ignored is, until you have been ignored by a cat. LOL. I am sure when we pick Elvis up on Friday, he will be in full ignore mode. Sigh. We drop him off later today, and I am already feeling separation anxiety. LOL. I know, I know, he will be fine, so why do I feel like I am abandoning him? Will he understand I will be coming back for him? Will he fall in love with the nurses and bond with them? Will he get so mad at me that he never pats my face again? Yikes! I know, I know... I am just being silly. He will always love me. After all, we have been together for over ten years now, but just in case, I think he and I will have some serious Elvis and mommy time when I get home. LOL. :)

Ok, I am officially on holiday. I will be back on Friday, October 26th, with lots of photos, and updates about how I spent days, 5, 6, and 7 of my "13 Diabetic Days Of Halloween." The adventure continues, so stay tuned.

"Pigeon Point Lighthouse"
Pescadero, California
October 21, 2007


MyMaracas said...

Have fun on your holiday! And try not to worry about Elvis. He'll get over it.

I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful entry Carly!

Phinney said...

Hi Carly-dear,
Hope you are having a pleasant time on your vacation. I guess it's too late to ask for a postcard from Nevada to add to my collection :goshdarnit: oh well...looking forward to your safe return. xo phin